Hey gang,
I just had a thought, maybe not a new one, but one that should be mentioned again and again.
We are 'not' getting all the nutritional support our bodies need from our diet - no matter how healthy or raw your food intake is.
Even if you were to grow all your own food in your own organic composted soil, raised with the purest water - you will be missing essential building blocks for a healthy body.
Treat yourself, learn about how to keep your body healthy for as long as you want to live.
We have many learned teachers on this site that can help you with everything from great products to muscle testing to learn how to talk with your body.
Find out what makes your body feel and look great. Send messages to everyone you resonate with on CLP space to gain information.
Keep yourself happy and healthy - we will all benefit!
Love and hugs,
Cynthia Segal
Intuitive Consultant
Learn how to hear what your body is saying to you, in all areas of your life!

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While we do sell products, more importantly we provide the education for you to understand what fuel your body is designed to run on in the first place. Check out
www.consciousplanet.net/bizcoach and download for FREE the "Wellness Quiz" to rate your overall health and the "Quest Optimal Health Program"

If anyone takes the time to read this information you will understand what we mean when we say "you can feel better than you have ever felt before" Optimal health is achieved when you remove the cause of disease not the medical treatment of symptoms. I have attached the "Quest" program below for anyone interested in learning more.

Richard Larkin
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Conscious Planet
Hello Cynthia,
Thank you for the reminder of how important it is to take care of our vehicle that houses our spirit. www.consciousplanet.net is dedicated to raising consciousness by creating the ideal environment for health and well being through products, education and opportunity. We offer a unique, satisfaction guaranteed program that returns your body to homeostasis, clears the mind and integrates consciousness ... very quickly. I hope you get a chance to review our information and try the Quest Optimal Health Program, which will take you above all symptom treatment programs... it is to be experienced.
In wellness

What a great post! You are correct. Food is the fuel to our body and what keeps us strong and healthy. Pasha's has done it's best by assisting individuals by providing them with foods that are all natural, have no preservatives, no transfats and no MSG. We are also looking to move towards organic food items. We have even partnered with various medical facilities, wellness coaches, nutritionists and universities to implement tailor made menus that assist individuals with specific dining needs. We have also partnered with Team Cook (Conscioul Living Partnership Member). They provide great information on metabolic typing and how to live a well rounded and healthy life.

People can go to www.pashas.com and learn more about our menu options as well as great partnerships.

Talk soon,
How true, we need to start from the Inside Out, Our Vitamins have 12 fruits and 12 vegetables, along with coQ10 for the heart and cholesterol, and much much more,
go to www.xango3Sixty5.com , or at my site www.OliviaG.WhyMangosteen.com

Remember invest in your health today, to enjoy an illness free tomorrow

thank you,
Thank you Cynthia for this post and for our intuitive session this past Saturday morning! I have begun already using some of your advice and I know as the coming days unfold I will utilize more and more.

I do promote the Vitamix machines and the Wholefood Farmacy raw foods. I use the Pro Power, green drink mix along with their Farina drink mixes, raw banana, blueberries and whatever else sounds good everyday for breakfast.

If anyone would like more information on either the Vitamix or the Farmacy foods you can check out my site and click on the appropriate banner links:

Mind Xdreamz - Body

Thank you again Cynthia :)

Light and Love,
Yes maam I sell a number of all natural nutritional products. Just send me message and I can consult with you.

I lecture around the USA about the healthy benefits of drinking alkaline water with my Rejuvenator water ionizers. for more info please go to my website www.WaterWorks4u.com or google my name Peter Goodgold or go ot you tube and type in Rejuvenator water ionizer
Hi Cynthia:

Thank you for contacting me, it is so true our diets are very mineral & viamin depleted. Therefore, it is important to supplement. I am a distributor for Shaklee and it's all about where nature meets science. All our nutrutional products although not required to be regulated by the FDA are all held to the highest standards of pharmaceutical grade. Our company has spent billions on research and development and have proven documented results through independent companies and medical journals.

A recent clinical study in collaboration with the University of California Berkeley School of Public Heath shows that people who used Shaklee supplements had markedly better heath than both other multivitamin users and those who used no supplements.

1. This clinical study compared 3 groups of people
2. Shaklee group used supplements for 20 years
3. All 3 groups average ages in 50's and 60's with the Shaklee group being the oldest

I wouldn't trade these products for the world. They have made a huge difference in my life and they could in yours too. Please contact me if you like to learn more.

Light & Love,


Hi Cynthia,
Yes, I do market an AMAZING health product which I absolutely love and consume daily! It is Xocai healthy chocolate and you did read that right- it really is healthy! This delicious belgian chocolate is formulated using a patented, cold pressed process, thereby allowing the cacao to retain its full antioxidant value. Raw cacao is known to have the highest antioxidant value of any food on the planet, with the acai berry ranking second. Xocai chocolate conatins both unprocessed cacao and acai berry, leaving it with unparalleled antioxidant levels. Additionally, these products contain a low glycemic sweetener (as opposed to processed, white sugar) which is raw cane juice crystals. Furthermore, Xocai chocolates contain NO added fats, NO added fillers, NO waxes, NO preservatives, NO caffeiene, No artificial colors or flavors. Eating just one of the Xocai X- Power squares is like eating the equivalent of 5-7 fruits and/or vegetables, with an astounding ORAC score of 3582 per square. It is important to note that although this chocolate may taste like candy, it is not! It is a high performance food (chocolate/cacao bean in the raw form is actually considered a vegetable). Because antioxidants are the means to neutralizing free radical damage in the body, maintaing antioxidants in the body consistently throughout the day is of utmost value. For more information or a presentation, please contact Stacy at (www.thechocolateforyourhealth.com) I look forward to hearing from and sharing chocolate with you soon!

Yours in Health,
Personally I believe that you are what you think. However your thinking wisely is dependant on your body's ability to process. Without the proper nourishment your thinking can become distorted if all your neurons are not working properly.

I have tried so many vitamins I cannot count how many. The best I have found are in a liquid form. It is well documented that we only are capable of absorbing up to 10% (at best) of vitamins in tablet form. In a liquid form the absorbency percentage is 98%.
They are called Advanced Liquid Nutrition and you can read about them here: https://www.ezinfocenter.com/10136925/VALN
They have so many nutrients in them, more than any other brand that I have found and they are derived from natural sources.
I know you will agree they are the best on the market. However if anyone can prove me wrong please let me know.

I am a newcomer to this website and I thought that you all could benefit from this incredible product.

ViSalus Vi-PAK: Advanced
Anti-Aging & Health System

Coupling innovative science and research with an all-natural approach to proactive wellness, The ViSalus Vi-PAK is a revolutionary new breakthrough in supplementation. Dr. Michael Seidman developed the Vi-PAK with the vision of helping you live a more fulfilled life.
The Vi-PAK uses four unique supplements to provide our bodies with the nutrients needed to operate at peak levels. Combining a Multi Mineral & Vitamin Formula and Supercharged Antioxidant with a patented Anti-Aging & Energy Complex and Omega Vitals Formulation, the Vi-PAK is an unprecedented system for ultimate health and nutrition.

Anti-Aging& Energy Formula

The Anti-Aging & Energy Formula has been proven in clinical tests to be revolutionary in its ability to enhance mitochondrial function and improve the efficiency of energy production in the body.

Supercharged Antioxidant

A potent blend of vitamins, acids and minerals
designed to battle free radicals throughout your system. Free radicals are damaging agents found in and created by our own bodies. Produced in the mitochondria of each cell, we each create seven
trillion of these free radicals every second.

Multi Mineral & Vitamin
A chelated blend of everything you need; nothing you don’t.
This supplement combines vitamins, minerals and pine bark extract (made in a base of essential fatty acids) in a unique formulation. The amounts of each ingredient have been carefully measured to provided the reported potential benefit. This supplement has been designed in concert with the Supercharged Antioxidant to provide all of the essential vitamins and minerals to promote better health at a cellular level.

Omega Vitals Formulation
Essential oils for your body’s finely tuned engine!
Omega Vitals, or Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), are so-named because they are imperative for optimal health, cognitive function and prevention of some of nature’s most devastating degenerative conditions. These EFA’s function as building blocks for the membranes of every cell in the body. Brain and nerve tissue consist of over 50% EFA’s!

to order visit www.anuuholistic.myvi.net
Hello! Cynthia,
I believed that your idea is correct. The general orientation is correct , but is different from person to person.
Thank you Cynthia!





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