Hey gang,
I just had a thought, maybe not a new one, but one that should be mentioned again and again.
We are 'not' getting all the nutritional support our bodies need from our diet - no matter how healthy or raw your food intake is.
Even if you were to grow all your own food in your own organic composted soil, raised with the purest water - you will be missing essential building blocks for a healthy body.
Treat yourself, learn about how to keep your body healthy for as long as you want to live.
We have many learned teachers on this site that can help you with everything from great products to muscle testing to learn how to talk with your body.
Find out what makes your body feel and look great. Send messages to everyone you resonate with on CLP space to gain information.
Keep yourself happy and healthy - we will all benefit!
Love and hugs,
Cynthia Segal
Intuitive Consultant
Learn how to hear what your body is saying to you, in all areas of your life!

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thanks for this reminder Cynthia. My partner and i overdid it this summer with sweets and lethargic living:) and we just did a nutritional cleanse with Young Living products that has helped us regain our vitality, reduce bloat and pounds, and cut our cravings for sugar and carbs in only 5 days! It was the easiest cleanse i have ever tried so if anyone would like more info pls.contact me at 772-589-9803 or on this site.
Much love, Kumari
Hello Cynthia,

I recently discovered a product called Zrii that is Endorsed by the Chopra Center that I feel is the most Comprehensive Nutritional Product available to humanity to date.

It was birthed in the mind of Bill Farley who chose to join together Ayurvedic Knowledge partnered with the most modern Scientific Research in Naturopathic Medicine to create one product. The wisdom and synergy of Ayurveda, a 5,000 year-old health system along with modern technology and science has created Zrii.

Zrii ~ Awaken your internal fire and activate the source of illumination.
Zrii is a Sanskrit word that means light, luster, splendor, and prosperity.
And now Zrii is also the name of a nutritional drink supplement.

I invite anyone who feels drawn to explore this further to visit my page and the Informational Videos available there.

Abundant Blessings to you All,

Hello Cynthia, you are so right..
I represent a company called USANA HEALTH SCIENCES. A 16yr Science based, publically traded company, we are a huge humanitarian company aligned with the Childrens Hunger Fund and a GREEN company. Are focus is cellular nutrition Micro-Nutrients, Certified low glycemic Macro-Nutrients, Parabon free Nutrition for skin and Natural Energy drink line. We are also aligned with the Linus Pauling institute, Sanoviv and many university medical studies. We have had 6 consecutive years of growth, we are un the PDR for DRUGS and offer ATHLETES a MILLION$$$$ Gaurantee if they get tested positive for anything other than what is in our nutritionals. It is the premier CELLULAR NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT on the Market today.. We have also been Gold star rated by the Canandians.. Who along with Austrailia have the stricktest guidelines on Nutrition... Which brings me to my point people can talk all they want especially if they are making money including myself so why not check into the Comparitve Guide yourself.
With so many supplements on the market how do we know which ones to trust? There is a book out there where they have done their homework for us with over 1500 products tested and listed.Well as you may not know Canada has the stricktest guidelines on Nutrition and they have a book called "The Nutrisearch Guide to Supplements" They have taken all the supplements in North America that the masses takes and rated them on; Completeness, Potency, Mineral Form, Bioactivity of Vit E, Gamma Tocopherol, Antioxidant Support, Bone Health, Heart Health, Liver Health (Detoxification) Metabolic Health, Ocular Health, Methylation Support, Lipotropic Factors, Inflammation Control, Glycation Control, Bioflavonoid Profile, Phenolic Compound profile, Potential Toxicities, and Medals of Achievement. It would be helpful to educate yourself on what is best for you and your family.
Here is the link for the guide and they are giving away a Free Childrens Guide to Nutritional Supplements with your order.

For more information you can contact me or check out my website.


With our new slogan, focus and partnership, Conscious Living Partnership is helping us to help make millions of people healthy in three areas.

The Trinity Circle of Health includes your MIND, BODY & SOUL. That completes the circle of reaching the ultimate environment for you to achieve your goals and dreams in life. Lets look at each one of those more closely and see just how it works.

1. BODY: The healthiness of the body will come from the various ganoderma products that we offer such as beverages, food, supplements and personal care.

2. MIND: The healthiness of the mind will be obtained through helping people to become more health conscious of themselves and more conscious of the world around them.

3. SOUL: The healthiness of the soul will be obtained through helping people to find inner peace within themselves & the universe and inner wellness.

By completeing The Trinity Circle of Health can one begin to have the solid foundation, mental clarity & focus needed to achieve any task, dream or goal.

Our New Mission:

Unite conscious living businesses, individuals and community organizations. To become a global network of resources, partners and community builders. To serve as a voice and catalyst for creating abundance, health and improved quality of life for ourselves, our community and our world.

For more information on Conscious Living Partnership organization, visit - ConsciousLivingPartnership.org

To join Conscious Living Partnership, visit - Join Conscious Living Partnership When joining, use referring member name "Peter Taylor 3"

We look forward to helping you complete your Trinity Circle of Heath: MIND, BODY & SOUL


Pete Taylor 3
The Trinity Circle of Health: MIND, BODY & SOUL
Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm offering to do home demonstrations of the Vita-Mix machine.

I'm in the Titusville area.

Call or email me for more information:






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