Conscious Living Partnership, Inc. is looking for a part-time bookkeeper! This job requires very strong knowledge of Quick books and an understanding of the basic principals of accounting, including knowledge of accounts payable and receivable, payroll and payroll taxes and sales tax. Also required is the ability to work with online banking, good typing and computer skills (40 wpm; proficient with Microsoft World, Excel, Outlook; familiar with Windows Vista) and the ability to work with minimum direction. Finally, the ideal candidate is solution and detail-oriented, organized, able to communicate effectively, comfortable being stretched to grow and expand, committed to raising consciousness, and open to learning about natural and environmentally friendly lifestyles. If you are qualified for this position and want to grow on all levels as part of an incredible team of people doing exciting work in the world today, please submit a resume and letter of interest for this position. Submit to We look forward to meeting our next team member!

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Hi ShellI! Thanks for your response. I will check with Shannon on this. How are you?

leaving for NY in awhile-business and get to see my Darling Son-yayyyyy:)
Looking forward to seeing you soon. I told my sister to re-send her resume to you, she had sent it to Shannon.

Love`n` HugZZZZ Always:)
Hi Shelly,
Looks like remote is not an option, but thanks so much for the support. Have fun!
oops just saw this AFTER I sent you my Sister`s resume`
Where is this position?
In Palm Bay, Florida
Hi Marsha,

A friend of mine, Sandy came in to see you. She felt that I would be an excellent fit for your organization. Although I do not have all the office experience, I do fit into your type of lifestyle. I just finished an assignment for a temporary agency working for a payroll company. I have had some accounting. I am good with numbers and organized. I am proficient with Microsoft applications. I would like to be part of a good cause. Please contact me if you would like to schedule a time to meet. Thanks again and have a wonderful day!
Just a `heads-up` I think her resume response came back so I will re-post here:

From my sister Debbie Katz:

Nice to meet you and wanted to touch base on the position that's available at CLP for a P-T Finance Manager. I know that Shelli wrote to you and I responded to Shannon on Facebook when I saw her ad there. I have my own company called What Goes Around Comes Around and I do exactly what you're looking for. I currently do this for a variety of different type small businesses and nonprofits and have references and background to substantiate my integrity and skills. I am blessed to have good clients and they feel the same about me in return. While I do have some clients that I do virtually CLP was not one that I thought could be done in that manner. Since I do what you need and feel the connection that I feel .. I was curious what type of part-time you were considering and whether it would be of value to both of us to have a conversation.

I would consider coming there 1-2 days per week and staying over if that worked and handling whatever else happened virtually. Your desire might be to have someone there everyday for part of the day but we won't know unless we chat. I feel a deep connection to CLP and the work that you do and I'm just offering my services in whatever way I can.

I am excellent with QB's as well as Peachtree, totally comfortable with every computer software program known to man .. lol .. and very comfortable in the online world of bill paying, HR, bank and credit card sites. I manage multiple businesses and do some virtually, some on a month to month and others week to week.

I know you're far away in Melbourne from PBG but maybe if we brainstorm there might be a way for me to do for you what I do for so many businesses .. watch your back, create your financial stability and resonate on a frequency specific platform for now and the future .. while you focus on creating that future.

I would also mention that even if it's not me that does the day-to-day work, I would be happy to help to ease this transition, audit and review your systems as a consultant.
Well I believe we are still looking for a bookkeeper. Thank you Marsha for all your support with helping us attract key people to our team.





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