Today I had the honor of becoming the 2,000th member of Conscious Living Space. I think that calls for a celebration, don't you? So here's what I suggest we do:


I invite everyone reading this to contribute 

a post describing What You Need Next.


By doing so, we'll bring more people together, learn about each other, and undoubtedly make some magical connections!


Okay, you're up. What do you need next?

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Okay, I'll be the first one to respond.

WHAT I NEED NEXT IS hearing from all of those who have an involvement with or strong interest in:

• Music

• Kids

• Education

• Special needs

Please message me, friend me, or drop into my backyard via helicopter.

I have connections with in Palm Bay Florida - Mr Hoffman is the music director and could be a great fundraiser for school too! They have an awesome music program :) Have another friend that works at an Autistic school.....Tammy Eker. She is also a member here and wonderful resource with huge heart to help 

SUPER! Wonderful, Shannon. Would you mind sharing our Kickstarter campaign with them?

Have you already gotten an email about it from Chris? If not, then later today I plan on composing an email that I'll send to you.

I'd be thrilled if they'd be willing to forward the email to their database!

Love you... <3

WHAT I NEED NEXT IS experts or individuals that are passion about natural breast health. Looking for products and services that help prevent and even reverse breast cancer naturally. I want to help spread their message to individuals that can benefit!! Who do you know?  

Partners in Health and Success,
Shannon Burnett-Gronich
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Shannon, I have been looking into this since you posted, but haven't found any real concrete leads to pass on yet.

Have you contacted the Susan G. Komen Foundation?

Will keep my ears open....  xo

Congratulations on being the 2,000th person in this group!

And thanks for the invitation to share. 

I don't need anything next, but I'd like to share a link to the IONS conference streaming videos. 

I directed the live four-camera shoot a couple of weeks ago and the video is still available free online for a short while (before I edit it into segments). 

Speakers include scientists, physicians and inspirational folks exploring the frontiers of consciousness:



Thanks for chiming in, Angela. Sounds awesomely cool.  ;-)

Wow...thanks for sharing!!

What I need Next is:

  • Therapy Client Referrals, Coaches, Athletes In pain or Injured in Brevard County Florida
  • Introductions to Personal Injury Attorneys in Brevard County Florida

This is FUN!!!

Thanks for starting the discussion!

Ha ha, Ari, so glad you like it! (I assume Shannon has told you all about the consciousness of IBI!)

Why don't you call some local sports medicine practitioners? Or gyms? Or personal trainers?

That's where I'd start.  :-)

He continues to connect with individuals in these fields.....however they all seem to see Ari as competition. Ari is a 711 Grad :) Coaches can be very helpful I believe. Hope you guys get to meet soon!


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