Today I had the honor of becoming the 2,000th member of Conscious Living Space. I think that calls for a celebration, don't you? So here's what I suggest we do:


I invite everyone reading this to contribute 

a post describing What You Need Next.


By doing so, we'll bring more people together, learn about each other, and undoubtedly make some magical connections!


Okay, you're up. What do you need next?

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Gotcha. Ari, I should introduce you to Tom ... Tom ... something or other. He's an old CEO Space Cadet who used to work with athletes. (He himself was a pro basketball player.)

Remind me tomorrow to look up his last name and contact info!

I would love to get his contact information...

Feel free to email me anytime!!!


Thanks for posting this discussion.  I have specific needs.  My work is unique.  I have been developing my Davis Model of Sound Intervention over the last 21 years and I'm heading towards semi-retiring at the end of next year (been in my field for almost 46 years).  I'd love to share what I've developed with the world before I decrease my activities in semi-retirement.  I am searching for a business partner/investor who wants to take on a unique yet exciting possible future in the field of sound energy.  I have a concept to bring my ideas to the virtual world and also want to put together a way to teach and train practitioners in my approach.  My work embraces sound as the learning, development and wellness balancing system for the body, supporting self-healing from within.  If you know of a way to search for these possibilities, please share.  i don't want VC money and I would consider crowdfunding but only if I have this partner.  I look forward to your input.

Dorinne Davis,,,

Hello, My name is Fran Asaro and I am a life and business coach. I have a client still formulating how she will incorporate children, music/performance, wellness, education and of course special needs into an entire business. She has a High performing  autistic son. I can see if she'd like to be contacted. Glad I saw your post.

Now for my needs ... Ironically I signed on today to see if there was a classified area here to post my needs.. I love it!

I live in Stuart and am a Life and Business Coach. I have MANY projects I am working on and find I'm in overwhelm. I can't seem to balance the background work and the foreground and need a High level personal assistant who is VERY tech savvy and can manage workshops, memberships and affiliate programs. I am looking for someone who loves to be the SOURCE and help. High level communication and energy are very important and a desire to learn and to grow. Must love to have fun!

In return I am offering one or a combination of the following:

1. Exchange for personal and business coaching

2. Exchange for Room and Board

3. Exchange for commission on productivity.

4. Additional pay arrangements will be discussed when things get rolling

Call me if you'd like to discuss this 954-494-1940.



If you want to know more about me before calling


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