What are the BEST techniques, personal development programs, education software, videos, audios that you have found to improve your life?

Hello All, I want to find the very best technologies, be it hardware/software (Bio Feedback, harmonics, educational, etc), programs, teachers, meditation, etc , so that I can find the easyest and fast way to improve my life. 

If you can add your experiences and means to improve your life, to this post, I will look into them and hope that it can assist me.

Thank you for your assistance. 

Love and Peace

Craig :)

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I could go on and on for your request....but will share in bits and see what you think. First with meditation and a zen practice I love Sensei Al Rapaport of Open Mind Zen. He can work with anyone from around the world....yet feel very lucky to have him right here in Florida. Also yoga has been a major healing for me physically, spiritually and overall stress level. LOVE IT!!! One of my many teachers in nutrient is Dr Gary Null who has written over 100 book and 100 documentary films. I love his work so much I spent a month and a number of weeks on his ranch and now promote and sell some of his products that have changed my life!!  Just a start....great question!!! Look forward to sharing more.   OH yeah....have to mention my husband with his Magic Hands (everyone says). Since we have been married I have seen dozens of people in pain get better in one or two sessions!!!


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