Here is a challenge; How do you connect with your inner joy on those 'tough' days? What secret formula do you have for pulling yourself up? Share your strengths with the rest of your new family on CLPspace at the Good Morning Group. Your words will appear at just the right time for someone in need! Share the wealth.
Love and hugs,

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I wish I have a special formula...
It's again - meditation, thinking about all miraculous things that happened to me, like surviving a cancer, surviving a heart attack – just surviving! Although my Art career is at the dead end, I continuing to paint and write; I teach art and support myself. Eventually, with my career I’ll be back on track.
I listen to the Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto #1. The music also can affect your state of mind and often to the worth – Shopen, Beethoven. Tchaikovsky, on the contrary, helps to grow wings…
Sometimes it takes me half a day to overcome the mood.

I have few, Thank Goddess:) But for the random ones that do occur~I come to my CLP space and look at all my Dear Friends & Family and read their stuff and I am immediately lifted:)
Exercise always gets me through a tough time. Giving thanks for and embracing the adversity and the people or situation that will most likely give me a nugget of higher understanding and will teach me something. Taking my mind off of my challenges and being in service to somone or something else also helps me put things in perspective. Finally, things just are - so I try not to attach a good or bad lable to situations.


I complain! :)
Having one right now.
Brahms has helped, and telling the bad day to just "bring it!"--I'm not afraid.
Blessings to all.





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