As for me, I have been talking about getting more involved with music/singing for a few years now, and this is my year.  I cashed in on the couple of voice lessons I got LAST year for Christmas (can you spell chicken - lol).  And I start with the choir at The New Way POD this week.  And wait, there's more . . . Santa brought me an electric keyboard!  How kewl is that?!  Now there's no excuse.  What have YOU been wanting to do and haven't taken the time or had the courage to begin?

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I can totally relate to the music thing! I got my kids involved in music, instead LOL!! Wait a minute....Santa???

I have  wanted to live in foreign country for a year with the kids, travel to China and see panda's in the wild and become a certified yoga instructor :)

Great question!!!

Ever since I started working for a living I have always wanted to be more fully conscious. After doing all the activities that I could find and afford where I live I decided I need to make my own version of these activities. I haven't found anybody else who wants to do the same thing and my way involves at least a small group of other people. I sure would like some help if anybody has any interest at all. Thanks.

Sail all over the world


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