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See Madonna in Concert with great seats and an amazing group of friends.

Get in great shape!!!

I know it is best to re-write as if already happen, correct?
I would love to go see Madonna . . . tell me how!
Really? I have always wanted to see Madonna in concert too. We have much in common my friend. Yes, to write as if it has already happened but also to visualize this action.

Take time out each day to write out your intentions with an intention book but also sit quietly, close your eyes, and visualize this intention as well. Actually see yourself in the action; what does it smell like, what to you see, what do you feel on your face, hands, hair, how does this make you feel inside.

I'm with a group of wonderful women that are inspiring, taking time out of their busy schedules to have some fun with Madonna. I smell the mixture of auromas from all those around me, I see colorful lights, madonna in her creative wardrobe, I'm holding hands with these two amazing women on either side. I'm so grateful for the funds that were made available to attend the concert.

How's that for visualization? Can we add to this? Let's make it happen!
You are too cool chicky!
My intention is to get in shape. I can say to loose so many pounds but since muscle weighs more than fat then I really dont know what I want to loose. I just want to gain more muscle, loose my belly fat and feel great!

I'm starting this week anyone want to join my intention? Let's get creative!
Tell me how? I have great intentions but most of them NEVER HAPPEN help!!!!!!
When I think of intentions I believe that it must be an agreement between mind, body and soul which creates the emotion that ignites action. My intention is to empower others to identify, select, clarify, and act upon those intentions that burn deep within.
Do you spend time in meditation and/or prayer? Can we see and feel them as if they have already happened? I know if I do those things consistantly and they still do not move me towards my intention I have a cellular block that I clear. Look forward to your response.
My intentions are to help people understand their nocturnal dreams with a gentle method of questioning so that they discover the meaning themselves.
My intentions are to help people conceive, write, and edit their books or articles or poetry. I do this at my web site My intention is to help the world awaken to the coming evolution of humanity through my books.
My intentions are to help others see their intentions become reality.
I made it to round 2 of the Next Top Spiritual Author competition. WOO HOO! Super Big Thank YOU to all that voted for me and sharing my message with the world.
Kandi Phillips


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