Many times in life we experience the feeling so being alone and separate.  Having disagreements with others points of view, especially with regards to Religion and Politics reinforces our focus on how we are different from one another rather than where we are alike. 


In this space of Conscious Community, we invite you to focus on the things we have in common.  Find those places that encourage our shared values such as family, gardening, serving others, and general life principals that we do share.  We all have experiences and feelings that we do have in common…  whether the loss of a loved one, or falling in love, disappointments and triumphs in life.  Today we invite you to find something in common with an individual that you feel separate from.  Here are a few questions you can ask to learn more about this person and see what you share together.


What made you smile today?


How did you meet your current spouse or lover?


What is a challenge you are facing right now that you could use some support with?


What is your favorite food/hobby/book?


If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do?


If you have found it hard to build or be part of a community…  start here on Conscious Living Space.  Message and add a new friend, schedule a one-on-one meeting to connect and learn more about each other.  In your area, you can find gatherings of like-minded people who share your common interests on sites such as  You can search for things like raw food, yoga, real estate, hiking, or whatever your interest may be, it is in there!!!


Good luck finding the common ground and building your Conscious Community.  Join us here on and participate.  It will add richness to your life…

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