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Tell us your Conscious Calling?
To awaken to who I really am
To help others in their awakening
To celebrate who we are
What is your secret to healthy living?
To love as if my life depended on it. It does.
To clear my mind and live in truth.
About Me:
It all started when I was 18 and one day my mind just opened up completely. At that moment I saw the beauty of nature at such depth that I realized I was in the presence of God. I was never again the same. I realized that this infinite consciousness we call God is everywhere in and around us at all times. And that means that at the very core of what we are we are love. God is love, and that us. Pure absolute unconditional love.

Then why didn’t I know and feel it all the time? In my normal state of mind my life was filled with fears and depression, self-doubt and shame. I realized I had to ‘clean the mirror of the heart’. I, like most of us, am asleep to who I really am and to know myself I have to awaken.

This journey of awakening took me to India in the early 70’s, where I studied with one of the rare truly great gurus of our time, Neemkaroli Baba, whom we called Maharajji. I lived as a monk and meditated in caves in the Himalayas. Later, back in the West I lived on an ashram and I practiced psychology – all to study and pursue the best ways of awakening.

There are 1000’s of methods and skills for awakening. It can be very confusing. Which ones work best? I had a lot of ‘baggage’ and pushed me to find the most effective skills. I began to test the different techniques. After many years four skills passed the tests. Just four. For me, and for the many I have shared them with since, they are the most effective. They put an end to our suffering. They awaken us and reveal to us the great light and love of our being.

But I wanted to do one more test, the biggest one. I flew to Poland and spent time in the concentration camp at Auschwitz. I knew that if these skills worked for me there, they would work anywhere, in all situations and with all problems. From this place of darkness I came away with a profound sense of freedom and an exhilarating realization of the amazing love that lies at the core of us. You can say that this ‘trial by fire’ was wildly successful.

I now offer these ‘4 Skills for Awakening’ to those who are interested. It has been my consistent experience that with these skills we can indeed become free and go farther than we can imagine. It is my privilege and joy to share them, perhaps with you.

Please join me as a friend and visit me at www.SkillsForAwakening.com. I love nothing better than to share the deep joy and the unsurpassable gifts that lie waiting in us. We deserve no less.

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Ground-breaking Online Course Empowers Cancer Patients to Heal

Posted on May 26, 2010 at 11:29pm 0 Comments

Cancer does not heal unless your immune system is in high

gear. But stress and fear dangerously lower it and you end up in a vicious

cycle: Your mental and emotional stress prevents you from healing and that in

turn creates more stress- and so on.

That’s why you need the most effective means to lower your stress, as fully and quickly as possible - your life depends on it!…


The Heart of the Condor - a different Christmas story

Posted on December 24, 2008 at 8:54pm 2 Comments

At times we think we are separate and alone. We struggle to get free of the ancient prison walls around our hearts and of our sense of alienation from our Source. But we are not alone.

The Soul is a mighty bird flying into the sun, not a broken-winged sparrow. Spirit is living us, and when the time is right, Love manifests in astounding ways to show us the way back home. This is what happened with Alma.

She was born into great poverty in Peru, and yet she was the richest… Continue

Love and the Mumbai Massacre

Posted on December 6, 2008 at 8:13am 0 Comments

Into my quiet Thanksgiving day breaks the email of a friend who is horrified and shaken by the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. She just recently stayed at the Taj Mahal Hotel, where all the killing is taking place.

And in the same breath she writes about her tremendous excitement and gratitude of how much she is growing in higher awareness and in her love for God.

This is a powerful combination, because dealing skillfully with both sides of reality brings her groundedness,… Continue

When a Mother Dies...

Posted on November 2, 2008 at 8:55am 0 Comments

Love, joy and the end of my story.

Obviously it never happened to me before and so I was a bit surprised at the huge impact it has. A short while ago my mother died and my first reaction was a deep and abiding sense of gratitude that she died without pain and in a deep state of peace.

That was just the beginning. The blessing I have received daily since her passing are enormous.

First of all there is the love. This is what’s most important. There isn’t… Continue

Death is a Union.

Posted on October 17, 2008 at 1:11pm 0 Comments

Last week my mother died in peace and without pain at the ripe age of 96. After conducting her funeral I just returned home last night.

What has changed? Who am I now? Because you are listening – and thank you for that - I will try to give expression to that deep silent space that opened up in me, where the events of the last days are being processed.

A mother's death, I come to find out, is an enormous event. It goes right down to the bones. I assume it’s like that for… Continue

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At 2:50pm on September 6, 2009, Jenny Gilbert said…
Ram bless you! I'll be sure to suggest you to our Wellness director and I believe you'd have invaluable experiences to impart to worthy listeners in our centre. You'll love Seychelles and we'd help to make your trip here memorable and purposeful. Let us have some notice. We'll be ready for more visitors in about 16 - 18 months time. I don't often spend time on this site but do check in from time to time and will connect with you when that happens. Until then, stay firm and focused on your wonderful work - the universe is is better for it. Loving greetings. Jenny
At 12:13pm on September 1, 2009, Conscious Living Partnership said…
Welcome to ConsciousLivingSpace.com! This is your community to share and create BLOGS, forums, music, videos and photos. We have great groups you can join to network with other like-minded individuals on specific topics to share, learn and grow.

Conscious Living Partnership is bringing consciousness to individuals, communities and world with LIVE events like the Expo of Heart, face-to-face networking events in multiple states and our on-line community. To join Conscious Living Partnership, CLICK HERE. Thank you for joining our on-line conscious community!

If there is anything we can do to support you, please let us know. If there is anything you can do to support our community, let us know!
At 1:37am on August 1, 2009, Jenny Gilbert said…
Thanks for the invitation Ram Giri. I'm don't have much time online so aren't often on the CL site but do check in from time to time. Seychelles' internet offering isn't great. We're entering a lovely new phase here in Seychelles and are developing our existing homeopathic/natural health business into a small but meaningful wellness/conscious living centre. It should be ready mid 2010. One of our initiatives will be a programme of ongoing support of conscious living and energy healing which involveds inviting selected professionals for a working holiday here. If you're interested, let me know and I will put you onto our wellness director. The way this will work is that we'll accommodate and feed travelling wellness/consciousness professionals in exchange for their services during their stay which could be in the form of one-on-one consults or workshops. This is no doubt a lovely way to experience our beautiful islands and for all parties to contribute to uplifting the Seychellois people, not to mention the unification of mankind. Take care. Jenny
At 11:52pm on May 14, 2009, Sara Lozano said…
Hi Ram I was leaving you a message but I press something and i think it got erased, oh well maybe it wasn't meant to be....just stopping to say hi and to let you know that I envy and admire your wisdom.
At 8:28am on April 10, 2009, Isabel said…

At 1:05am on December 30, 2008, Larry Zepf said…
Hello Ram Giri, My journey of over 30 years in management of manufacturing companies has had profound effect on me. I have witnessed the greed and self centreness of these operations. Now I am at the beginning of my new and real journey. My first step is to become conscious of the present and to be able to extend that consciousness more with each day. I must clear myself of past and future distractions to become the real me.
At 3:06pm on December 7, 2008, Ruthsella Corasol said…
Thanks for the friends request Ram
hello cruz
At 11:30am on December 7, 2008, Ram Giri Braun, Ph.D. said…
Hi Leilani,

Well you seem to be tuned into the same wavelength.
Good to know you

Ram Giri
At 10:38am on December 7, 2008, Leilani Schmidt said…

Aloha Ram Giri,

Remembering the greatest gift of all is Love, the true state of being! I AM honored to have your greatness to share with the world! Much love and support to you.

Gods Love,
Leilani Schmidt
Talk Radio Show Host
Universal Spiritual Connection
www.bbsradio.com station 2
At 7:51pm on November 14, 2008, Anthony San Filippo (SponsorDaddy) said…
Hello Ram Giri,

Welcome to consciouslivingpartnership ...

Thank you for visiting my profile and leaving a comment ...

good friends such as yourself are always welcome ...

please let me know how I can help or if you have any questions regarding the content on my profile ...

be sure to sign my guestbook and check out my blogs!

I look forward to networking with you,

Anthony San Filippo
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