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Articles of Light

Conscious Ways to Help Others During Difficulties

by Evita Ochel - Our planet is in the midst of various shifts and changes. This is bringing about turmoil in many areas. Some of the changes are geological, some political, some climate related and others yet brought about by the numerous systems on our planet that are collapsing as we speak.  Regardless of how they are generated, as with all sources of stress, it is never about what

How to Stop People from Emotionally Manipulating You

by Steven Bancarz - If you are reading this right now, then chances are you have been manipulated by someone at some point in your life. There is also a good chance you are being manipulated right now. Teachers, co-workers, relationship partners, friends, and family are usually the ones who end up manipulating us because we feel as though we can trust them. Because we feel like we can

How Life Shows Us What We Need To Know

by Dave Richo - There is a grace-full force in us and in the universe. It is a lively energy that is always at work so that we will become fully human.  To be fully human is to be as loving as we can be, as free of ego fear and clinging and as generous as we can be with our innate gifts and talents.  This takes psychological work on ourselves and a spiritual practice. When we are

7 Tips for Self-Inquiry and Gaining Inner Peace

by Remez Sasson - There is a deeper consciousness inside everyone, hidden beneath layers of thoughts, feelings and desires. This consciousness is like a strong bulb of light, which covers upon covers of thoughts, feelings and desires hide.  The purpose of self-inquiry is to remove the covers, let this bulb of light – this consciousness, shine unhindered. After removing these

When Pain Runs Your Life

by Cheryl Maloney - How much more can you take?  Do you feel like the pain will never go away?  Are you devastated beyond your worst nightmare but know that life goes on even if you hate it right now?  That pretty much describes any life where radical, unwanted and unimaginable, changes dominate the here and now. What can you do about it? If you’ve followed me for any time you know

Entering the 5th Dimension

by Matt Kahn - As we enter 5D consciousness, we have reached a new horizon of possibility, where all previous reference points cannot assist us in dissecting reality into separate categories of polarity.  Instead of feeling sad while hoping to be happy, or even feeling happy, while hoping not to avoid any further sadness, we are neither sad nor happy. In the absence of sensing a high or

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Quiet Your Mind

by Remez Sasson - Is your mind constantly restless, jumping from one thought to another? This is the usual state of affairs for most people. Most people are not aware of what is going on in their minds. It is the natural state of affairs for their mind to be constantly thinking from morning to night, without stopping for a moment. When do you become aware of the restlessness of

What Is Nonduality?

by Remez Sasson - Nonduality a philosophy, which says that there is just One Eternal Spirit in existence, and that everything in the Universe was created by it and is an inseparable part of it.  At the same time, nonduality also says that the world is not real, but is an illusion perceived by the mind. The mind finds it hard to accept the concept of nonduality, because it

What Would a Selfless Spirit Be Like?

by Dr Glen Hepker - Quite humbly and respectfully, I am speaking of the ‘spirit’ with which one goes about doing what one does…one’s demeanor or mien. In my ages-old arts it is coined as ‘shen.’  Again, “what would a selfless spirit of healthful, heartfelt goodness be like?”  Would it be light and free, yet full of dignity, decency, goodness, and grace?  Would its selflessness be

5 Practices for Nurturing Happiness

  by Thich Nhat Hanh We all want to be happy and there are many books and teachers in the world that try to help people be happier. Yet we all continue to suffer. Therefore, we may think that we’re “doing it wrong.” Somehow we are “failing at happiness.” That isn’t true. Being able to enjoy happiness doesn’t require that we have zero suffering. In fact, the art of happiness is also

Expanding Our Lens of Perception

by DL Zeta Our Lens of Perception determines the Nature and Quality of our Experience. The nature and quality of our life experiences are directly related to our levels of seeing. Everything is here and has always been here. We are only limited by what we are willing and able to see through our lens of perception. There has always been so much more than what we have seen. If we

The Power of the Pause

by Filip Van Houte - Life goes fast. The speed at which the world is currently evolving is astonishing. The new digital age is bringing forth a lot of options and possibilities. There are endless new goals and activities to stimulate the mind. Nowadays people seem to be too busy with being busy. We have to make an appointment to make an appointment. We want to control our control. We

The Decision-Making Process

by Rene Gaudette - Sometimes, it’s best to wait. Allow yourselves to recognize that as you move through from day to day, moment to moment in your life, that on many occasions you will find yourself in situations where it is best to ‘not decide’ in that particular moment.  For if you were to decide, you would be deciding on the basis of less facts, less knowledge, less awareness.

Allowing the Unknown

by Jamye Price - Time is a beautiful gift on Earth. It supports your understanding and your evolution into the future. It provides a platform for desire to refine into form.  Life evolves, devolves, resolves and triumphs through the grace of time’s flow.  The linear Earth experience of time is valuable and will be experienced as such for years to come as you integrate the truth of

A Critical Examination of the Term 'Conscious Evolution'

by Jeff Eisen PhD - Redefining Consciousness and Awareness: There is a lot of confusion between the words consciousness and awareness. In many instances they are used interchangeably, i.e., he is conscious of or aware of. In other cases they are used differently, but the difference is subtle. For instance, you might say he has regained consciousness, in the sense of regaining

Are You Sabotaging Your Spiritual Evolution?

by Evita Ochel - Perhaps from the day that we can communicate, we start to form beliefs. As we go through life, we seem to accumulate more and more beliefs. Not only that but in many ways our convictions also grow stronger about what we believe. Alongside we become more resistant to changing them because it seems our entire life foundation is built upon them and would crumble if we

How to Instantly Click with Everyone You Meet

by Lolly Daskal - Why is it we click with some people and not others? What if we could actually click with everyone we meet? What would it take? Try these simple steps to instantly connect with anyone and to build stronger relationships with the people who are already in your life: Take a genuine interest. Everyone--everyone--has something unique to offer. Find out what makes people

The Auric Field

by Cyndi Dale - The First Line of Energetic Defense: The best known energy organ is the auric field. The aura can be visualized as a complex layer of energy bodies that surround your entire physical body.  Each auric layer, numbering twelve in all, is like a layer of saran wrap that has a different physical, emotional, mental and spiritual purpose.  All auric layers set boundaries

5 Ways To Ensure Your Vibration Stays High

by Filip Van Houte - Once we attain our goals we feel fulfilled. Finally our dream has been achieved. But what do you notice …. It slowly starts evaporating once we touch it. You want more, right? Newer, bigger, better, faster, different. That is our motto. Your mind constantly dangles a carrot in front of you with the promise of future satisfaction. But as soon as you bite it,

How To Rescue Yourself From Obsessive Worrying

by Debbie Hampton - Worrying has become a national pastime. Whether you're worrying about repaying your college loan, having job stability in an unstable economy or making sure your toddler hits all the developmental milestones at the right times, there's no shortage of material for mind sweat. According to The Anxiety And Depression Association Of America, anxiety disorders are the

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At 4:11am on September 7, 2009, shyam tosawad said…
This is a wonderfull site to to know our innersef which is most importantant thing to unite world,bring peace,resolve conflict,learn from inter faith,leave co existance with all living life.iterect mutualy to correct our mistecks,balance life with ecology, by conciousness ,we are human being, and can understand our duty and responsivlity to the world and this universe.
I shall be happy if you could accept me as your friend
At 7:54pm on August 23, 2009, Conscious Living Partnership said…
Welcome to ConsciousLivingSpace.com! This is your community to share and create BLOGS, forums, music, videos and photos. We have great groups you can join to network with other like-minded individuals on specific topics to share, learn and grow.

Conscious Living Partnership is bringing consciousness to individuals, communities and world with LIVE events like the Expo of Heart, face-to-face networking events in multiple states and our on-line community. To join Conscious Living Partnership, CLICK HERE. Thank you for joining our on-line conscious community!

If there is anything we can do to support you, please let us know. If there is anything you can do to support our community, let us know!

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