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Splenda. . . Not So Splendid

Today, we will focus a nutritional error which contributes to weight gain as well as other health problems — the use of Splenda.

How It All Starts

The process of creating Splenda starts with a single sugar molecule called sucrose. Sucrose is commonly known as table sugar. Then, a complex chemical process adds substances such as phosgene. What is phosgene?

It is a…


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Magnesium Protects Women

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, greater intake of magnesium (and thus higher plasma magnesium levels) are associated with lower risks of sudden cardiac death in women. Long known for its anti-arrhythmic properties, magnesium’s relationship with sudden cardiac death is now coming to the forefront.

Researchers examined dietary intake from over 88,000 women enrolled in this study.…


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Shin Splints and How to Consciously Control Them

Shin splints are a common injury associated with excessive trauma to the lower legs, as with running and jumping, and with overuse of the muscles surrounding the tibia - the main bone in the lower leg. This injury is one of the worst for an athlete who uses their legs often, because it takes between 2-3 week of rest to heal enough from shin splints to able to participate in their sport.


For more information on what causes shin splints, you should read this really helpful…


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How would you get parents to become more involved in their children's learning?

How would you get parents to become more involved in their children's learning?  I have been tasked with this question by three schools.  I would like to hear what you think.

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Renee Zellweger, Bradley Cooper have fire scare

Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper had to call the fire department Sunday night when a fire broke out at his mom's suburban Philadelphia home.

Four engines responded to the Jenkington, Penn. house at 10:14 p.m., the dispatch supervisor tells The Hollywood Reporter. The actors were with several members of their family.

"It was not a very major fire," an official says. "We didn't have to use hoses. It was out within a few minutes. Pretty much the fireplace got a little out of…


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What fun!

Since I published Journeys: a grand adventure, I have been sitting back recovering from the process. But it is up on Amazon and is available on Kindle. It warms my heart to read the reviews that are coming in. They are all wonderful, interesting and make this whole project worthwhile. I have spoken in public a couple of times about it and the same thing happened each time. People leave all excited because…


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Reduce Diabetes Risk With This One Substance. . . .and its Tasty!

It has become a part of my daily protocol for a number of reasons:

  • It helps to stabilize blood sugar, which is excellent across the board and especially for athletes
  • It aid in digestion and thus in the absorption of nutrients
  • It warms the core and even though I live it Florida, it has been a brisk winter.
  • And yes, I really like the taste.

Now we can add another benefit to the list. According to a new study lead by the US Department of…


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WELL IF YOU LIVE IN THE STATE OF AZ you already know whats going on here and its not to good but We are still working for the troops and you also...If you live here and need a ride from Tuscon to phx I am going to give you a special deal from there to Phx was 295 but you get it for 100.00 off if you join my troops web and from Phx to sedona was 245.00 now for the next 45 day its only 185.00 if you join the site...Thats all you have to do is just join us ...Please tell every one that you can… Continue

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Sacred Sexuality and Tantra Playshop

Gift yourself a pre-Valentines Day experience by learning how to tap into and source your sexual energy through Sacred Sexuality / Tantra


This interactive 2 hour playshop is for singles and/or couples

You will experience tantra yoga, breathing and some…


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Power Chefs

Eating right is one of the most important things we can do for our health. But while everyone wants to live longer and be healthier, very few people know how they can change their diet to do so. In this five DVD set, Gary Null, Ph.D, goes into the restaurants and kitchens of the country’s leading healthy chefs and has them show you how you can make healthy, delicious, gourmet meals right in your own kitchen. It includes over 75 delicious,…


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Check out Zuri's Starcast for January 2011!

Happy New Year! January is a month of new beginnings, affirming the resolutions we’ve made for 2011. What goals and dreams do you want to accomplish in the coming months? The sun gets us focused on health, responsibilities and work related issues in the sign of Capricorn through January 19th. The cosmic goat plants its hooves firmly on the ground so we can build a solid foundation for new growth. Now’s a great time to make changes to your fitness and health routines that can really…


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Oscars to take viewers through time, space, movies

Oscar viewers, get ready to take a trip.

Academy Awards producers say this year's telecast will include various "scenic transitions" that take viewers to different thematic destinations throughout the show, and Oscars will be presented in each one.

Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer said Tuesday that the Oscars will pay homage to iconic moments in movie history, using music and images to transport viewers to the scenes of memorable movies, performances, eras and even the first Academy…


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Explaining Why Meditators May Live Longer

By Maia Szalavitz 

Original Artical from www.GaryNull.com  (location of 1000's of great articles)


Join The #1 Radio Station for Progressive…


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The Strangest Blood Test Interpretation. . . The Japanese Way


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2011: The Year of the Hero

Far too long has the victim been celebrated, coddled and “needlessly nursed”. If you don’t take responsibility for your actions, that is fine. Someone else will — your…


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