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Breast Health - What's your story?

Breast Health - What's your story? 

Working on a book and multi-media project to help prevent and even reverse breast cancer naturally. We have celebrity participants and marketing team to take the book to an Amazon Best Seller!! What we need next.....

We are looking for individuals that have utilized complimentary medicine or non-invasive treatments that have help them reverse cancer of any sort (especially breast). We want to share your…


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The Sky is NOT My Limit: Setting and Enforcing Boundaries

Many of us allow others to treat us in ways that are uncomfortable, unhealthy or disrespectful. We remain silent rather than address our disdain for fear of retribution: what will happen if I speak up? Will I lose my job? Will my best friend get angry with me? Will my family choose to no longer speak to me? Will someone argue with me and tell me I'm wrong for feeling the way I do? There…


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The Door To Forgivness

Creative Gem Coaching 

As a Life coach and spiritual adviser I have been asked about my teaching approaches on forgiveness.

The first is to find, express and confront the pain or suppression. People have a habit sometimes of pushing bad experiences and painful memory’s down. Some are in total denial as a way of avoiding added memory’s or…


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Free Speech: We Can't Afford the High Price Tag

America, despite all of her current woes, still remains the greatest country in the world. One of our ultimate freedoms is the right to openly express ourselves without fear of retribution. Journalists, reporters and news broadcasters are all guaranteed protection under the Constitution.…


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The Importance of Self Care for Health & Stress Management Take Care of Yourself: You Deserve It!

Many of us have so many responsibilities in life that we forget to take care of ourselves. And while it’s hard to prioritize something like taking a bath when you have so many other priorities in life, self care is an important aspect of stress management. A massage, soak in the tub or other forms of pampering revitalize you inside and out. And taking time out to treat your body like the temple it is has other benefits:

Self Care and You Physical Health:



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7th Grader's Perspective on Hawaii Retreat - School Report!!!

Our Dare to Live Challenge Hawaii Retreat this past November 2012 had a beautiful impact on all the participants and facilitators. To be able to spend time with friends and family.....will be remembered for a lifetime!!! It was very eye opening to have my daughter share this report she turned in and learn more about her perspective. I was envious of her midnight run to the volcano (over 4 hour trip) to see and play with active lava. Looking forward to your comments :)…


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Ten Ways to Get Along With Family Members You Don't Like


We all have them: the obnoxious siblings, the drama queen mother, the trouble-maker cousin, the gossip monger, know-it-alls, rude, selfish, and even mean-spirited family members. We try to avoid them yet fate often intervenes and brings us face-to-face with our nemesis.  We dread family gatherings…


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Pam and Hans recorded the CD a few weeks ago. Help them get it into production, Please.

Pam Gerrand http://www.indiegogo.com/Pam-Gerrand-CD-Recording-Project

This is the women that, sitting on her meditation bench, was told to come to the theatres in Aurora, CO from Canada and sing the song that she has gifted to the world, Love is All, and she did.

This is the women that while she was here,…


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Karen Everett's Movie "Bold Mother Hubbard" about Visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard

Karen's Campaign is to raise funds for her inspiring documentary film, "Bold Mother Hubbard: The Story and Vision of Barbara Marx Hubbard".

She really needs our support in being able to complete this project. Even if you can not contribute to this project right now, perhaps you can send it to your friends and post it on your facebook page to reach as many as possible. http://www.indiegogo.com/boldmotherhubbard"

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