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More Meaningful Than Happiness

Go on Amazon. Do a search for books on happiness. You'll find over 15,000 titles. Everyone wants to be happy and some need help finding it. Some even believe that the purpose of life is to be happy. We seek people and things that will fulfill this dream. "I want to marry someone who's going to make me happy." "I love going skiing - I'm in heaven when I'm on the slopes." "I'm happiest when I'm with my grandchildren. But then…


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Fatal Mistakes in Conflict Resolution

Few people I know like to the process of resolving disagreements. In fact, when they hear "conflict" they automatically equate it with fighting. Yet one is not  comparable to the other. Conflict is simply two forces in opposition. Fighting is defined with such words as "violent, battle, combat, hostile encounter". Conflict resolution need not be hostile at all. In fact,…


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Aggression and Anger: The Human/Canine Connection

I've been blessed in my life. I've had eighteen dogs, all of whom were sweet and loving. I've never had an aggressive dog with the exception of one - Huggy Bear. Huggy was a black Great Dane that came to us when he was just a pup. Big floppy ears, giant paws, and a single white spot on his chest - he's going to be a perfect dog for our four…


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The Antidote to Anger: Best New Year's Resolutions Ever!

At the beginning of every new year millions of adults make resolutions to improve some aspect of their life: quit smoking, lose weight, save more money, spend time with family and friends. Though well-intentioned, few actually follow through and achieve their desired degree of success. While each of these goals are beneficial in their own right, on some level they fall short…


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