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Luxury Hotels in Canada: Providing Maximum Enjoyment in the Trip

Going on holidays? What is your ideal vacation? Celebrating free time with the friends or family on the beach side, fishing, skiing, skating on the ice rink and so many choices is there to consider for the wonderful holidaying. However, choosing the finest accommodation for the week off is also imperative. Whether you choose hotel having top ratings or resorts of condos or other options, it must be easily available and facilitating the modern facilities and amenities. A good…


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A 'Wake Up' Call on Visualization

A few days ago I received an email that an inner prompting compelled me to open.

It took me to an updated version of a product that I had bought over two  years ago

and it made my heart sink.

What had I been thinking all this time,

I knew how good it was and what it could do for my life

and somehow.... I allowed it to get pushed to the back of my mind.

How foolish - I could have shaved a year or more off my…


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Misdirected Anger

We've all taken our anger out on the wrong party, not to say that there is ever a right party who is deserving of our ire. It's not uncommon to be upset with one person and misdirect it at someone or something else. Your boss has been crabby all day and continually comments on every aspect of your work. You arrived home only to be confronted by your wife who mentions that you forgot to wipe the…


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Silencing Your Inner Critic

I learned to be critical of myself at a very early age.  I never did anything right; everyone else was better than me; and even worse, I was never good enough, period. It didn't help that during my impressionable formative years, society taught that the more you denigrated a child the harder they would try to improve. Long after my childhood was behind me the inner critic continued its…


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Problem Interactions in the Workplace

 Most of us work for a living. On or off the job we are bound to encounter a wide range of, shall I say, challenging personalities? Bullies, intimidators, hypocrites, backstabbers, underminers, instigators, complainers, gossips, withholders, and know-it-alls just to name a few. Their presence can be distressing and distractive. Many of us are ill-prepared to deal with their ever unpredictable…


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Anger: How Much is Too Much?

Jesus got angry. He was troubled by the many injustices he encountered while on Earth. At times, he expressed his dismay to those around Him. Anger, as with all emotions, has a place and purpose.  But how does one know if there is too much anger in their lives? Here are ten warning signs to gauge if your anger levels exceed what is considered safe and healthy:



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