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When Silence Isn't Golden

 How many are familiar with the phrase "Silence is golden"? This proverb dates as far back as ancient Egypt, making reference to the importance of keeping quiet under certain circumstances. The first example of it being used in English is credited to the poet Thomas Carlyle in 1831. Certainly there are times when silence is the better option than speaking up:…


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Adversity, Anger, and Awareness

I've never met anyone who didn't have to face adversity at some point in their lifetime. Whether in our personal relationships, professional lives, in regards to a health issue, academically or financially, hardships seem to be a standard component of life.

Of late, many people have adopted the…


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Beliefs...What Role Do They Play in Your Life?

You've likely heard about the Law of Attraction, but do you know about the Law of Vibration?

The law of vibration tells us that everything is energy--at a subatomic level.  I like how Bob Proctor explains it,

"Everything is moving… Our brain is an electronic switching…

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Why People Don't Get Along

Why is it so difficult for us to get along with one another? After all, we all have the same basic needs in life. We all want to be valued, to be acknowledged for the good that we do, to be treated fairly and given sufficient opportunities in life; we all want to be accepted as we are and to be loved in the same way. Aside from the packaging and our individual talents and goals, we are all basically…


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"S~T~A" Away From Anger

I love creating simple strategies individuals can use to experience less anger or stress in their lives, to improve their communications skills, resolve conflicts easier or create inner peace. From the SWaT Strategy* to TECO Magic*, The Great Duck and Dishtowel Debate* or the Seven C's of Conflict Resolution, I find that the simpler it is, the easier it is to remember and apply. My latest,…

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6 Radio Interview Best Practices – Get the Most Traction from Being on the Air

One thing I have realized from being in publicity is how easy it is to get booked on the radio, but not everyone knows how to make the best out of it. Radio interviews can be used for years to come for both client acquisition and retention.

1. Prepare yourself

The thing is, you only get one opportunity for getting it right when you’re on LIVE radio. Hence, preparation is key here. You must come up with precise & strong messages that you want to spread to your followers.  Read…


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