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Poetry By Love


The light shown the Spirit has grown

We are in touch

But do not always visualize the essence of our beauty

The essence is a lyrical, Spherical sound

Of music from within

If we could live an octave above

We would see the core of Love

And doubt would be a nonentity

Beings of Light we are

There is no need to fight

Let the rhythms roll through

And you will touch you

copyright Helen… Continue

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You Are Worth It!

Before you read any further, I want you to say out loud “I AM WORTH IT!” Did you do it? Say it again “I AM WORTH IT!” Many of my students struggle with the concept of MONEY, especially charging for their services. No matter how life changing their services are, they devalue what they do. The majority of people I meet have this recording in their head that says over and over again “People won’t want to know about this.” Or “They will think I am pushy and aggressive.” If you truly believe in your… Continue

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Last night we sent over 500 invitations to join our Conscious Community!

We are on the grow! Claudia, with UPSIDE art and I were up late working last night on projects for the Expo of Heart. We decided to see how easy it was to upload contacts from yahoo or hotmail to our on-line community. It was fun to see that we could complete this task of 500 contacts in less than 2 minutes. WOW!!!

This morning I woke up to find over 10 NEW profiles and growing. Now, it is after 1:00pm and we have over 25 members. I am also noticing that partners are starting to send… Continue

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We are launching www.ConsciousLivingSpace.com

Thank you for joining the pre-launch of Conscious Living Space. We are in our pilot stage and look forward to your feedback.

It is amazing how the universe works. We negotiated an agreement to build and launch the CLP Conscious Living Space in November. Just before we pulled the trigger with another software, a techie angel (Jeff )with igoodness.org came to a Conscious Living Partnership corporate presentation. Jeff started telling us about the the magic and ease of this SITE. So… Continue

Added by Shannon Burnett-Gronich on February 14, 2008 at 12:09am — 1 Comment

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