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Why Your Body Needs You to Forgive

 I'm blessed to have parents who, early-on in life, instilled in me the importance of forgiveness. "They didn't mean what they said." "Your friend is probably just having a bad day."  My mom was, and still is, one who always saw the best in people and chose compassion over anger. So it has always felt very natural for me to let go of unpleasant feelings I've had towards those who have been hurtful or…


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How To Stop Being Angry With Someone

I find it amusing that very often when I'm scheduled to do a radio show or present a lecture I'm speaking on a subject matter that reflects a lesson I need reminded of. Today's show is no exception. I'm one who is slow to anger and quick to forgive. However, occasionally I find myself trapped in a quicksand of ire that threatens my well-being. Such is my current state of affairs. For nearly two decades…


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Shefqet Avdush Emini Biography,CV, Publications


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Niche Language is Not a Foreign Language

I don’t know about you… but it seems that online marketing has gotten so overwhelming and time consuming. Everyday someone is promoting new tools or methods that they say is the holy grail of online marketing. Many of us try lots of new things in an effort to find what will work to increase our business.

While you work diligently to get your marketing system in place and working for you on a daily basis, have you thought about the language you need to use in order for your audience to…


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As I sit here wondering how someone like myself who fought her way through life, (through hell really) to help the weak, the abused, the forgotten, somehow forgot to fight for herself. 

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Why Couples Fight and How Not To

I enjoy reading advice columns.  Yesterday, a disgruntled woman complained that Hallmark created the upcoming holiday of Valentine's Day to remind singles that they are losers. (I'm pretty sure Hallmark wasn't in existence during the  Middle Ages when this day was first set aside to celebrate St. Valentine.) That being said, most people long to be part of a couple. Many succeed but sadly a good number…


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How to Make a Difficult Conversation Easier

Conversations can be risky at times. The more sensitive the topic, the more delicately we need to approach it while maintaining a truthful and honest demeanor . The subtle balance between being blunt and abrasive or being effectual is one that many are not equipped to navigate.

In my more than…


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