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How to Change Without Changing (And Why It's Important)

Not everyone likes change. Some are comfortable precisely where they are and prefer to stay within their comfort zone.  Others are more adventurous and enjoy a good challenge. They are more open to trying new things in order to experience something new or perhaps to learn something that will positively impact their life. There is one change, however, that everyone resists: that is when others tell us…


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Your Best Defense Against Anger

Check out Webster's dictionary. Anger is defined as "a feeling of discomfort or displeasure brought about by feelings of helplessness and powerlessness." My personal definition of a victim is one who views themselves as having no power or authority. Many times, a victim will claim that in a certain situation where they made a less than ideal decision, they did so because they had no choice. "I had to…


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The Truth About Love, Hurt, and Anger

We're all familiar with the phrase, "love hurts". Too often, we take a witty cliché and assign truth to it. We then refer to it in times when it brings comfort, helps us to make a decision, or emphasizes a point. In reference to "love hurts", those who have been betrayed by someone they  loved and trusted may be deeply wounded by their actions and vow never to love again. One who has buried a loved…


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The Universe in Which We Live

First, a bit of heresy:  When physicists talk about "the universe", they are talking about one kind of universe, namely the universe of physical space. And they have developed extraordinarily successful science about what goes on in physical space.  And with it, they have shown that basic physical science can eventually pay off in very practical ways.

Yet some seventy years ago, when Watson and Crick clarified the structure of DNA, they opened up an entirely different "universe",…


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3 Must Have's That Resolve Conflicts

Conflict is a natural and even healthy aspect of life. It enables us to see another perspective of an issue, to creatively discuss and seek solutions to our differences, to learn to be open-minded and flexible, to practice the fine art of compromise or in some instances to graciously concede to the other party's wishes.  On many levels, it can be a very useful tool for our personal growth and…


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