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Thank You To Those Who Sent Me Happy Birthday Messages & Love:):):)

I received this and wanted to share:





money within her control to move out

and rent a place of her own,

even if she never wants to or needs to...



perfect to wear if the employer,

or date of her dreams

wants to see her in an hour...

A WOMAN… Continue

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Being in the Now

Notes to Myself

I have been experiencing quite a few challenges lately. It has been unbelievably one thing after another. I am finally getting to a point where I'm beginning to feel better health wise, but still need to rebuild my strength and stamina. When you are not feeling well or experiencing difficulties it’s hard to remember what it felt like to feel good or have it easy. Alternately when you are feeling good and things are going well you forget about the bad… Continue

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Hamstring Injury Treatment and Prevention

Hamstring Treatment and Prevent

Given my last adventure of a hamstring tear, this latest research caught my attention in a hurry.

According to Scandinavian researchers, the negative (eccentric) leg curl is the perfect solution to hamstring injuries. In 2003, a study from one of the leading institutes in Stockholm found that a 10 week preseason hamstring strength training program emphasizing eccentric leg curls SIGNIFICANTLY reduced injuries to this part of the… Continue

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The Aletheia Program


All the great teachers in all the great traditions have said the same thing: “Until you re-member who you really are you cannot be truly happy”

Of course you already know who you are! Or do you?

In the precarious journey through childhood you faced the same predicament all children face. At times, you wanted to be one way; your parents wanted you to be another. You felt scared; they said, “Be brave.” You were angry; they said “Good boys and girls… Continue

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New Member Requests Clarification

Dear Hallie,

Thank you for contacting me. Recently, while surfing the Net I stumbled across CLS and really identified with the founder"s (?name) background and mission statement. I spontaneously joined. However after spending an hour reviewing members' web pages I am a bit puzzled. I've received messages from several folks asking to become a "friend". In response, I've sent a brief statement/ question to each of them something along the lines:

"My sense is that CLS is an… Continue

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Air condition and lighting season

PowerwoRx e3 A-C seasonMail .doc

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GhostRider comes to life

"GhostRider & Friends - The Blog"
comes to life.

Go to:
You will not be disappointed.

Till then,

BV Sr. aka GhostRider

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Mysterious Thing Called Dowsing

Throughout time, dowsing was often used to find water clear back to the time of cave drawings. So, what is this mysterious thing called dowsing? It is a method of detecting the energetic patterns around us that are unseen to the eye. To relate to energetic patterns unseen to the eye, think of radio waves, which are invisible forms of electromagnetic radiation that varies in wavelength. There is also our own energetic field, also known as your aura or chi, that detects others when they walk up… Continue

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Live Your Intention

What does live your intention mean to you? Think about this for a moment…. What does intention mean? Intention is the act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result. So in other words, a simple act created by our mental mind creates an action. This is pretty powerful because as you sit and read this publication, you are already creating an action. Where am I getting with this you might ask? Maybe you already know this, but are you… Continue

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Keep up with the Latest News, Products & Happenings at ATLCoffeeHouse!

Thank you for being apart of ATLCoffeeHouse!

We have added a centralized blog site to make it easier for you to keep you with what's going on with ATLCoffeeHouse.

It's called ATLCoffeeHouse Healthy Coffee News & More . . . . To visit CLICK HERE

At our new blog site, you can find things such as sales, promotions, updates, new products, health articles and much more.

Also to help you… Continue

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An Email From God

Dear God,

Now that I have recovered and am in a better frame, I really would like to discuss this past running season with You. What happened?

I am asking You this because I know all about the Alpha and Omega thing and the creation gig and some of the other impressive works on Your resume, so I figured You are the One to speak to. So, what do you think Big Fellow?

P.S. I loved the work on the last 5 sunsets. It was some of Your most impressive work recently.… Continue

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9 Tips for Building a Website

Are you looking to build your first website and don’t even know where to start or how to go about it? Here are a few tips to get you headed in the right direction. Beginning with a good plan is the basis for a successful online presence.

  • Define your objectives - Think about what is the purpose of the site. Are you there to sell your products and services, or highlight your business and get more clients for your services?…

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40 FREE Green Smoothie & Energy Soup Recipes for St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

I'm offering a special gift to everyone that signs up for my blog post in the

next 5 days.

You will receive our Level I Green Smoothie and Energy Soup eBook, along

with Inga's 'Spread the Love' Mp3 Album Download!

I thought this would be a great time to introduce you to over 40 recipes for Green Smoothies and Energy Soups to energize you for the coming of Spring!

You’ll get tips on how to make your smoothie taste… Continue

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The Lighthouse

Notes to Myself

I was in a Wyland Gallery many years ago and was introduced to the paintings by the artist James Coleman. From the moment I saw his paintings I was deeply touched, he is my favorite artist of all time. When I gaze at the scenes he creates of the Lighthouse my heart is deeply touched. My soul resonates with the symbolism of the Lighthouse. This painting by Coleman is titled Pathway Home.

As the Lighthouse we… Continue

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I apologize for all the laughter

I apologize for all the laughter at the 'Overcoming Fear workshop' today.

I know this is a serious topic and we need to be serious ~ or not!

Perhaps we just need to be enlightened. (pun intended)

I do promise more of the same though,

Saturday, March 14th from 1pm - 3:30pm

And remember to bring your questions ~ I will answer every one.

Today's questions ranged from "Will I get a full time job?" (the answer was Yes) to "Please check my… Continue

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March 2009 Newsletter

Click on this link to view my March 2009 newsletter: The topics covered include vaccines for pets and having fish as pets.

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Anger, Water and Living with Passion

First it was complaints about the economy. Then her son. Then the neighborhood. By this time, I had to sit somewhere else. The negativity was too much. I could not be around it anymore.

Ever have one of these experiences? I had one today and it make me wonder. Are things THAT much worse today than they were 10 or 20 or 50 or 100 years ago? The answer of course is NO. In the late 70’s/early 80’s, the economy was much worse. In the 40’s, a world war was going on. The 20’s had the… Continue

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Mercury/Fish Connection

Sushi fan? Love fish in general. This article is for you.

Mercury is a very toxic substance that enters (primarily water ways) via electrical plants that use coal, waste from incinerators and by products of certain manufactured goods. Unfortunately, where it accumulates is often in large fish such as tuna, shark and swordfish (especially the latter).

In humans, mercury accumulates in the brain and central nervous system, liver and kidneys. It is particularly toxic to… Continue

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Looking for business partners for important mission!

As a Life and Career Coach I'm passionate about spreading expanded consciousness. I have found a company, Compass, with a similar mission who has created a win-win-win business system based on providing high quality yet AFFORDABLE group coaching to women. This is a business opportunity for both men and women to help spread the news of this great service. I will be doing a presentation on March 18 in the evening (Boca area) to provide more info. Contact me to learn more about this high… Continue

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Tough Lesson NOW

Tough Lesson Now March 4, 2009

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“It was the best of times.

It was the worst of times.”

This would be my answer to a comparison between last year’s running season and this year. This year was characterized by illness, injury and missing events. The last was this past weekend’s Gasparilla Ultra Challenge. A torn left hamstring ended what was to be the crowning jewel this year. Now it sits… Continue

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