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Say No to Swine Flu

Enhance your immune system by taking Vitamin C (to bowel tolerance) and Transfer Factor...you can order these and others by going to www.wellwar4life.my4life.com. Vitamin C help to prevent many diseases. A strengthened immune system is the way to fight the Swine Flu...

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Want to get your life back?

Life back? Where did we lose it? To news media who only report bad news (277,000 negative messages a day!), to the medical industry (albeit for surgery, the best in the world) that programs people to believe they have the become sick, to advertising that says how we look is more important than who we are, to a life moving so fast - we almost forget that to be human is to laugh, be present for the gifts we have and be grateful.

How do we get balance? Start by helping your body manage… Continue

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Consciousness and Healing

I'm very fortunate to have worked at the Institute of Noetic Sciences for the past two and half years where I've been getting a graduate level emersion in consciousness studies. Although I've been interested in many aspects of consciousness since the early 1980s, it's gratifying to now be aware of the rigorous scientific research being done to explore the potentials of consciousness.

For those reading this blog who may not be aware of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, it was founded… Continue

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Swine Flu from a Natural Medicine Perspective

Concern that the world could be on the brink of the first influenza pandemic in more than 40 years escalated Sunday as France, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Spain reported potential new cases in which people had been infected with swine flu. Canada confirmed several new cases. America has reported at least 20 cases. There is concern.

Better news. . .there are things that can be done

You know the name Pasteur, as it pasteurization. The name you should know is Antoine Bechamp.… Continue

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Web Content Writing for search engine success

More people will find your site if you use the right keywords in your website copy. Along with analyzing what sites are linking to your website, search engines also look at text and keywords on your pages so that you come up when people are looking for your type of products and services. In a nutshell, you need to have words in your web copy that people that people are searching for.

For search engine success, remember these three things:

* Include the most popular… Continue

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Want to promote your workshop, presentation, book, product?

Message or Service to Share?

Many have asked us to open a physical store front while some have asked if they could present at our facility. We have been looking for a space for months and getting close to making a decision on a spot either in Sebastian or Vero Beach, FL.

My question to you is Are YOU Ready to come to our facility to give a workshop, presentation, or promote your book or product?

Or, Are YOU Ready to do a tele-seminar with us? Do you have a… Continue

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The No People

Jim Carey’s latest movie was released on DVD the other day. Entitled “The Yes Man,” it is a comedy about a person who agreed to say yes to everything. Regardless of the question, person or mitigating circumstances, the answer must be a resounding YES. Needless to say, his life is never the same.

I often encounter the opposite — Mij Yerac (Jim Carey spelled backwards), so to speak. . . . the “No Man (pers0n)”. Today was an example. Lisa and I asked an acquaintance to participate in… Continue

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NASA's Perfect Training Program

NASA’s scientists have designed what they refer to as the perfect workout. It is not only to keep astronauts healthy while they are staring at the earth, but may have unlocked a key to anti aging.

In all started in 2001 when missions to speace became longer and astronauts neede more effective ways of staying healthy in such stressful environments. “In zero gravity, your muscle mass and bone density drop incredibly fast. Usually about 1% per month,” stated Suzane schneider, former… Continue

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Voluptuous Vinyasa: Yoga Workshop for Plus-size Women (4/25/09)

April 25, 2009 (11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)

If you are a full-figured diva who’s been hesitant to try yoga, Voluptuous Vinyasa is for you!

This class is a safe space for a full-bodied flowing yoga practice adapted to the needs of your own beautiful form. Develop flexibility, strength, balance, and calm while celebrating the abilities of your body. Even if you have never practiced yoga before, you will come away refreshed, recharged, and with a new-found appreciation… Continue

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Sensing Pleasure

Notes to Myself

Since the beginning of the year things have been like a rollercoaster ride. It seems like it has been one thing after another to deal with. Like a rollercoaster, as you slowly travel up before the big plunge, the anticipation builds and you wonder what is to come. You feel a little out of control but excited to experience the ride. While we have faith that everything is going to work out, it has still been a lot to handle. Once you are at the top of the rollercoaster… Continue

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EarthProtect.com is Your Window to the Environment

For TV shows, people are watching Hulu. For college lectures, professors are distributing digital lessons using iTune. For sharing Powerpoint presentations, there’s SlideShare. And now, for videos about the environment, there’s EarthProtect.com.

EarthProtect features thousands of videos of the latest green topics and ecological concerns. It is site where users can access a library full of educational and entertaining videos.

From the comedic music video “Canvas Bag” where… Continue

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This is Wierd

Donald Trump has become an important part of holistic health and is providing income opportunities for all Americans who wish to partner with him in this cause.

In a stunning turn of events, one of the world's most successful business men and entrepreneurs, Donald J. Trump, has started a new company with the double edged purposes of helping Americans find greater health and vitality through new, naturopathic technologies; and offering a business opportunity where anyone who wishes… Continue

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For cutting edge nutrition, health and wellness info. . . .

Follow me on twitter for updates on health, nutrition and inspirational stories to make your life the one you have always wanted.


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Freedom Dance has aligned with Earthdance International, who just launched its monthly meditations starting Saturday, April 18th!

Freedom Dance ~ a guided meditative dance to embrace love and release fear to the beat of the tribal drum...

When we live in SPIRIT, we live in freedom!

What to bring: water, a towel and a bandana

7PM to 9PM ~ RSVP for directions to shalOM hOMe!

More Details at www.meetup.com/freedomdance

~ Melinda

~ Spirit of Freedom through Dance

~ Breathe ~ Dance ~ Share ~ Live With The Collective FREE ~ Align Globally ~

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Rising 2Win 4 OUR YOUth Today

You are invited to join me to help parents, youth caretakers, legislators and those who want to help youth by joining the Rise 2Win 4 OUR YOUth Movement.

I am partnering with various organizations who support education, leadership, personal development, conscious awareness and awakening to name a few.

You are all versed in your fields with insight and knowledge that can impact and greatly affect people who need our help.

I invite you to visit www.rise2win.com… Continue

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Want to boost your immune system to 437%?

Want to boost your immune system to 437%? The Transfer Factor knocks out: colds, sore throats, ear infections, auto immune illness...and many other aliments caused by immune system deficiencies... Please go to my website: www.wellwar4life.my4life.com, email or call...

Your wellness warrior in waiting:)

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ITHomeBusiness.com is a global marketplace for your home business.

IT Home Business A lot of home based business options centre around Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Direct Selling. This allows the business owner to tap into a system that is already developed, it's turn key; whereas it's not necessary to create their own systems to generate an income, the system is already created; you just need to work it. Everything is designed around helping users find what they need when…


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Auto Drifting Technics

Auto Drifting Technics - Drifting is a driving technique and a motor sport where a car slides at an angle, with its side moving in the direction of the turn.

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Auto Car Modification

Auto Car Modification - Body kits, there are a very small amount of cars that can get away with a standard body and still turn heads but as in the case of most cars if your want a really good sporty and custom look from your car your going to have to kit it. Depending on what car you own you may have a large amount of different body kits available to you, but if your are making a custom car that is not commonly… Continue

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01viral - Your Free Viral Marketing Network

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