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You Can Prevent Bad Things From Happening to You

In 1981, the book, When Bad Things Happen to Good People, was released. It chronicled Rabbi Harold Kushner's  journey of doubt and fear that arose when his three-year old son was diagnosed with a degenerative disease that would dramatically reduce the length of his life.  The following year, my marriage to my high school sweetheart abruptly ended, throwing me into a downward spiral of anguish, grief, fear, despair,…


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Joe Frasier's Got Nothing On Me

I was an instructor at the Learning Annex in NY City for many years. Classes ended at 9 pm and the ride home was a long one. One evening, after teaching an anger management course for three hours, I pulled into my driveway around 11 pm, exhausted and anxious to crawl into bed. I pulled my car into the garage and from there entered directly…


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How to Always Be Right and Win an Argument Every Time

Disagreements - those annoying irritations that throw a monkey wrench into our otherwise blissful lives and disrupt any possible chances we have of experiencing serenity and  joy. Augh! "Why can't people simply agree with me, even if they don't, and just allow us to coexist peacefully? But, no - regardless of how right I am…


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How to Pray When You're Angry

I begin each day in prayer. It is a vital part of my life. Mine are not the typical "gimme" prayers. I have matured beyond the childish requests of wanting my every wish granted. (With the exception of -  I'm still praying for that pony for Christmas!) I've learned that what I'm seeking may not always be in alignment with Divine Will. My prayers now consist mostly of…


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7 Communication Strategies to Reduce Anger and Conflict

Why is it so hard to talk to one another? Unless you're a recluse, it's something we all do every day. Perhaps because I'm a motivational speaker, author, and radio host I can talk ad infinitum. I actually find it enjoyable and relatively easy. Yet there is a significant difference between talking and communicating: talking involves only one person, communication…


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