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Qigong - Instructor Update

As many of you know, Ryon and I recently received certification to teach Supreme Science Qigong Level-1 Form. I am excited to pass my experience on to all with interest, and will be arranging for classes in the local Brevard area in the very near future. My intention is that Ryon and I will be able to share the experience of teaching together, and our students will be able enjoy the benefit of having two guides!

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Book Excerpt: The Waltz of Love

Here is an excerpt from the book I think you might enjoy, that time in your life when you finally meet that one person who captures your attention like no other.

The waltz of love: One of the most incredible experiences in life

Then you meet him or her. What an… Continue

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So you DON'T want new prospects?

This amazes me! I posted a blog yesterday promoting a way for business owners to get new prospects for F*REE but did anyone comment or send me a message? NO! Why??? Beyond me, however this is the time for collaboration to get through this economy!

Let me share the message with you again and see if this sparks your interest.

FREE Co-Marketing Opportunity

Do you own your own business? I am currently selecting a unique set of business's to promote to the… Continue

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Co-Marketing Opportunity F*REE

FREE Co-Marketing Opportunity

Do you own your own business? I am currently selecting a unique set of business's to promote to the attendees of a large holistic event I am planning. You will be selected to be unique so there will not be competitors in your field! This will cost you nothing but your agreement to co-market my event to your audience. Please send me a message with "CO-MARKET" in the subject of your message and I will contact you with further… Continue

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13 Dimensions


Love Oneness entirely with all mind, body and soul always; if not fix it and say sorry for not doing so.

Humble your self, expecting nothing that you can do, can be done with out working in Oneness for all, not self.

Have No cares for (I am=) Ego, be still and trust in God is we are, and “yes you are”!

Live in Oneness, to live in God, live in self to live in EGO (=Viruses).


No image of Good, as Oneness (=The Rainbow Logic) created already does a… Continue

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Toronto, Systema and How a Simple Trip Made a Huge Difference


Doing something that makes you happy stimulates your body. It is as if your body is rejuvenated in a special fashion. Doing something that brings joy stimulates your heart. It goes beyond the physical and provides needed fuel for your heart, your emotions, your psyche. Doing the thing that brings passion into your life is the only way to communicate with your soul. It is as if your soul says, “This is it. This is why we are here. Not necessarily to do this but this is… Continue

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Picked up a dime & your back went out!? – Could be your ileo-cecal-valve !?

Problems w/ constipation? Diarrhea? Dark circles under your eyes? Sudden low back pain after bending over to pick up a dime on the floor? Joint pains? Weakness of the Psoas, Iliacus or Quadriceps muscles? Could it be your Ileo-Cecal Valve?

To learn more, please click on the below link to my blog.



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YOUR GIFTS Conscious Capital MP3 & Mega Marketing Call!

Here is a MP3 copy of last weeks Mega Marketing Call! We appreciate your membership and we know that you are an integral part of Conscious Living Partnership. We look forward to opportunities to work even closer with you in the future!

Attached you will find the link to the MP3 audio file we discussed for the 2009 Accelerate Your Business conference, "Accelerating Your… Continue

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Energy Go Stix is a delicious citrus orange pack with 8 ozs of water and you are ready to go, go, and go...

All natural ingredients which gives boast of energy, it also provides support for your immune system. It contains a blend of yerba mate, three forms of ginseng, green extract...and best of all NO SUGAR!!!

Let your fingers do the walking to

Thanks for your time and effort,

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Zuri's Astrological Starcast for May 2009

Plant the seeds of success this month as the sun moves into Taurus, grounding our energies and solidifying our plans with tangible rewards. Check out my May astrological starcast for what's in store all month here:

Please leave feedback and forward this scope to any friends and… Continue

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Notes to Myself

My beautiful dog, Staci, a shepherd mix, that I've had for 13 years, got a terrible infection in her leg last week. I rushed her to the vet and she was diagnosed with cancerous tumor that caused it. I'm so grateful that the antibiotics have worked to clear up the infection, and my beloved companion is back to her usual perky self. She doesn't have much time to live since this type of cancer spreads pretty quickly. The vet told me, take her home and love and appreciate… Continue

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Sample Our New Gourmet Coffee with Healthy Functional Benefits & Get A Pack FREE ! ! !

First ever Gourmet Coffee with Healthy Functional Benefits!

...the first full line of functional healthy gourmet coffee that's brewed.

There is a Function for Everyday and Every Lifestyle.

Immune Plus Multi-Vitamins * Diet Plus 62 * Energy Extreme 62 * Focus Plus Multi-Vitamins

We are focused on having the best healthy functional gourmet coffee on the market and is proud to present 2 oz… Continue

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Drink Your Minerals

Get a free sample packet of our delicious ENERGY multi-vitamin, but also a packet of our thirst-quenching SPORT formula as well.

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Animal Intuitive Kumari Offers Animal Communication Training to Raise Funds for Panther Ridge Conservation Center, June 13 & 14

Participants will get Up Close and Personal with Majestic “Big Cats.”

Wellington, FL, May 19, 2009 -- Animal communicator Kumari Mullin is offering a rare opportunity to interact with the “big cats” of Panther Ridge Conservation Center, to learn the keys to deeper connection and telepathic communion with animals in a two-part Animal Communication Workshop on June 13 and 14, 2009.

A portion of the fee will go to the center (… Continue

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Improving Your Life, It's Never Too Late To Start! ! ! !

10 Ways to Avoid Brainwashing

If we don’t own our minds, we’re like pawns in a game where we’re not the player. We’re being played. Corporations, governments, advertisers and even religions (oops, I said it) have gone to great lengths to control your mind. Sometimes their tactics are obvious, but most of the time they are downright sneaky.

Click here for the full… Continue

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Does any of you know a music manager able to take care of a (conscious lyrics) beautiful LP ?

Hello my friends,

I just finished yesterday the mixing of my LP.

Next and last step (soundwise) : the mastering on May 26th

Now I had quit the music business some years ago and therefore I have no structure to support this LP

of great musical quality.

First of all I need a manager.

A real one with a healthy spirit, and spiritually aware so that he can carry on selling the LP in a maneer that will be ethic and aligned with the spirit of this music and… Continue

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FOX & Friends Appearance

As part of my book tour, I'll be in New York tonight through Sunday at noon. As part of my trip, I'll be on the nationally televised FOX & Friends show on the FOX News channel between 9AM-10AM on Saturday, May 16th. I hope you can watch.

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Web Conferencing and Pay Per View of your Workshops, Classes...lectures...

Are you looking to take your business to the next level technology wise and reach a wider audience? Now you can. I connected with a new company that can do:

  • Live Streaming Broadcasts – This is great for online workshops, lectures, classes etc. You can now sell your broadcasts as pay per view off of your website! You can also interact and take questions from…

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How Goofy Changed My Life

Thanks to Lisa, I signed up for my favorite event of all time — the Goofy Challenge. She noticed that it had reopened on Friday and like a tiger pouncing on its prey, yours truly could not sign up fast enough.

I love this event. It really means something to me having received so many gifts and powerful lessons each time I did this event. Yes it is both difficult and painful. The long and lonely miles on both Saturdays and Sundays in preparation for the event are more difficult than… Continue

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