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New Age/Pagan Artists and Musicians WANTED for Amazon Book Launch Campaign!

Currently I’m running a marketing campaign for this summer’s launch of my book Awaken Your Inner Power!

My goal is to launch the book up high enough in the Amazon rankings that it will benefit from some of the…


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National Hamburger Month Newsletter!


Check out National Hamburger Month humor, the best deals on organic and natural beef, Green celeb- Adrian Grenier, easy stress reduction technique, and "e-harmony Jr."?

It's all in this month's Organic Janet Newsletter!

Janet aka "Organic Janet"

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The Graduating Homeless: Notes on a Dream

(See the post with pictures on my blog

The Graduating Homeless; Compensatory Dreams

Sometimes a dream may appear negative when you first express what you’ve experienced such as "I am in a gymnasium with homeless people . .…

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How Can We Use Consciousness to Stop the Fighting?

We are now well-into the Time of Changes, and the dramas in our world (and lives) are deepening. Conflict is everywhere, and the struggle over who will set the course of our future is intense.…


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Ground-breaking Online Course Empowers Cancer Patients to Heal

Cancer does not heal unless your immune system is in high

gear. But stress and fear dangerously lower it and you end up in a vicious

cycle: Your mental and emotional stress prevents you from healing and that in

turn creates more stress- and so on.

That’s why you need the most effective means to lower your stress, as fully and quickly as possible - your life depends on it!…


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No More Turning Away

Notes to Myself

We are in the pause between heartbeats. We are in the place between the in and out breath. We are learning how to connect with the untangeable. My favorite musical group, Pink Floyd, expresses my feelings of what is occurring at this time. We can no longer turn away from our own suffering or that of humankind.

This time has been so challenging for most of us in one way or another. As we are still residing in the void, things may come crashing, swirling,… Continue

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Go nuts!

Hi- Do you have enough nuts in your life? And not the kind in your family!

Check out my latest blog article about a new study on the health benefits of eating more nuts!

Be well,
Janet aka Organic Janet

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This month, Spiritual Cinema Circle is proud to present the feature film SMILE along with three truly phenomenal short films.

Inspiration + Entertainment = Spiritual Cinema Circle…


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Yngwei Malmsteen

My wife Lisa and I are the classic examples of opposites attracting. Take for example our tastes in music.

She prefers the poetic soft sounds of John Denver or the brilliantly creative cellist Yo-Yo Ma. They guide her gently to clouds of inspiration and creativity.

Yours truly is slightly different. Though I am a fairly quiet person, I like it loud – Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden loud. Give me the finger bleeding guitar riffs of Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck or Jeff Healey any day of… Continue

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Secrets of WellnessQueen

es that's correct I have Secrets of Wellness and that is why I'm considered a Queen on the subject. Beside exercise there is a new way to losing weight and shape your body and build support for your body. While you are taking the short cut we have delicious Wellness items to help lose the weight even faster. Come on by and start your way to recovery!
Secrets of WellnessQueen

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Preview #1 from Secrets of WellnessQueen

Diet and exercise is the most important things you can do for your body. Because our schedules or health we are limited with what we can do.

This secret preview is on La Vive. This product speeds up your metabolism causing you to shrink faster.

See you Soon,
Secrets of WellnessQueen

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Message from my spiritual Mentor "Hannelore" ~ Free Teleseminar Monday May 17 How you can Ignite Your 6th Sense!


Aloha Markus!

Free Teleseminar Monday May 17

How you can Ignite Your 6th Sense

I have just returned from Hawaii and had amazing fun at the 'Communing

with Dolphins Retreats'. My focus is now in preparing my new schedule

of classes and the 2011 August Long Weekend 'Vision Crafting Wilderness Retreat'. …


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Love, Honor and Respect: True Love Does Exist (the book)




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Learn from 21 masters of conscious business

"Your most precious, valued possessions and your greatest powers are invisible and intangible. No one can take them. You, and you alone, can give them. You will receive abundance for your giving." W. Clement Stone: The Mystic Business Telesummit features 21 Leading Edge Thinkers teaching you how to share your greatest powers and receive great abundance in exchange.!cls

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Happy Mother's Day Newsletter

You'll find Mother's Day humor, Eco-friendly candles, Green Celebu-moms, Great technique for falling back asleep, and MORE!

Check out our latest Organic Janet Newsletter!

Thanks and be well!
Janet a.k.a. Organic Janet

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The Art and Science of Muscle Testing in Applied Kinesiology

As some of you know, muscle testing is a basic in AK. When you test a muscle, you test not only the condition of the muscle itself, but the joint it crosses or moves, the spinal innervations of that muscle, the Chinese meridian (acupuncture energy line) associated w/ that muscle and the organ associated w/ that Chinese meridian and some cranial-sacral faults.

In order to derive this information, muscle testing must be done accurately. You must have a…


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The Secret Smile Meditation Exercise

By Robert Morgen

The Secret Smile is one of Dr. Glenn Morris’ exercises and he wrote about it in his book Pathnotes of an American Ninja Master. Those of us who teach his martial art form, Hoshinjutsu, also teach this regularly in our classes. This is really a fairly easy exercise and I can’t recommend it strongly enough. Energy flows better through a relaxed and happy body and you should get in the habit of making this a…


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How to Achieve Inner Peace

(How to use this article on your blog!

You may download this article and many others as content on your blog as long as you use the entire article and include the authors bio and the 2

links that are in it. You can see Robert Morgen's articles here.)…


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Should you detox?

Do you need to detox? Or is all hype? And what does it really mean?

Please check out today's Organic Janet blog article for a mix of humor and the answers!

Thanks and be well,
Janet a.k.a. Organic Janet

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One Percent for Inner Peace

The One Percent for Inner Peace Campaign is an annual meditation on the Summer Solstice (June 21st, 2010).

The One Percent for Inner Peace Campaign

The goal is to have 1% of the planet meditating on Inner Peace all at the same time. This is not a protest against violence, but rather a joint meditation where we all just relax and let…


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