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Alternative Healing Modalities for Anger

When I was a child, my mom always utilized natural methods for healing. Fevers were treated with cold compresses to the forehead, sucking on frozen juice pops, and cool baths. Burns were treated with ice, colds with chicken soup.  Rarely was medication given to restore health.

Even when we are…


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Just How Does An Alkaline Water Ionizer Actually Operate

A good deal of press is being given to Alkaline Water Ionizer all over the entire world. A lot of people say they have felt a significant amount better since beginning to use it. There is research that it can be a actually healthy way to obtain mineral water that is actually pure.

Mineral water is the absolutely most important thing that you consume on a regular basis. This really is hardly surprising whenever you consider that your entire body is made up of so much of it. For your…


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Ionized Water Treatment For Cancer

How Ionized Water Works

Ionized water is very alkaline (if your ionizer makes the water alkaline), has a high redox potential (i.e. it is a good antioxidant because its ORP value is very negative), and it has its water molecules in smaller clusters than normal water. All of  these things help inhibit the spread of cancer and aid in killing cancer cells, directly or indirectly. However, there is not enough evidence to categorize it as a stand-alone treatment plan.



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Debunking Six Common Myths About Anger

I've been presenting seminars on healing anger for twenty years and it never ceases to amaze me how much misinformation is circulating about one of life's most powerful emotion. I've decided it is time to debunk some of the most common myths. So without further ado, let me begin with...

Myth #1.…


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Enhancing Management of Information in Jails

Nothing beats the value of information in any business or non-business organization. Different organizations usually thrive on information for growth and development. Access and use of poorly managed information could adversely impact the operations of any institution, and this includes the jails and other correctional facilities. Information handling has never been easy especially when there are constant inflow and outflow of information in large volume. The good news is that correctional…


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Leading from Within Requires Knowing Who You're Not

Posted on behalf of Ratanjit S. Sondhe

When I give talks and teach courses in leadership, I often say that before you can lead others, you have to be able to lead yourself. To do that, you need to know yourself.

Most of us think we know ourselves. We also think we are leading ourselves when, in fact, we are not. This mistake occurs because of a fundamental misunderstanding of who we are. Many…


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Redefining Victimization - A New Approach

Redefining Victimization - A New Approach

"I'm a victim of domestic violence." That's one phrase you'll never hear emanating from my mouth. Even though I spent three years engaged to marry someone who verbally and physically abused me, I never once entertained the thought of myself as a…


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How to Purchase A Alkaline Water Ionizer

Water plays a very crucial role in keeping the body healthy. Not only human beings, but even fish and other aquatic live thrive on fresh and clean water for longer durations. Similarly clean water helps in the proper functioning of cells and keeps stress and depression at bay. Fresh water can be got from alkaline water ionizer depending on the quality and the goodwill of the company.

You might be wondering how a water ionizer can help in promoting good health and improve the blood…


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Alkaline Water Filters Is Definitely An Enhancement

We have every reason in this cancer riddled society to crave clean sources of H2O. If what we imbibe to stay alive could kill us, then we definitely have trouble. You’ll find nothing a lot more nauseating as compared to unclean Normal water. This is a identified undeniable fact that several towns in the United States has to retool their particular water systems to keep them clean and up to date, if not preventing pollution from penetrating into the drinking supplies. Alkaline water filters…


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Are you really choosing a best water ionizer for your family

Despite spending a lot of money on the ionizers, many people are still unable to get the desirable health results. Evidently, the poor results clearly indicate the bad quality of the ionizer which they have purchased. Prolonged consumption of water from such appliances might initiate health issues. To prevent such situations, you will need to conduct a lot of studies on alkaline water ionizer prior to its purchase.

Molecular reduction of water takes place inside in the alkaline water…


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How you can Choose the ideal Alkaline Water Ionizer for Your Needs

Alkaline water ionizers are more popular than just about every today. It means that there are almost thousands of models each offering different qualities. However, so one can completely remove all impurities, water needs to be converted from acidic to alkaline, that is when it is the healthiest for you. You can choose an appropriate model if you remember some criteria in mind when buying one.

Probably the most important thing to check when you buy a new ionizer is the warranty…


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Forgiveness and Inner Peace - the Connection

Forgiveness: so many misconceptions and misunderstandings; so many who believe forgiveness is reserved for a chosen few or must be preceded with an apology. Still others feel at times that it is impossible or worse, that there are those not deserving of its graces. And so they suffer...all of them, when healing is clearly within their reach. Please take a moment and reflect on a letter from the Father…


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Top 10 Ways a Water Ionizer Can Change Your Life

1. Detoxify using Alkaline Water

A Water Ionizer converts tap water to strong alkaline water which is up to 6 times more hydrating than regular water. Alkaline water has smaller water clusters with only 5-6 molecules versus regular tap water which has about 10-13 molecules. This makes the water “wetter” and more easily absorbed into the body tissues, improving its detoxification qualities. The smaller water clusters found in alkaline water offer increased antioxidant properties that…


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Water is the Best Drink to Lose Weight

If  you are like me, I constantly run into the choice of grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning just to get my day jump started. Don't get me wrong, a boost of caffeine can help perk up the drowsy morning but it can also boost your blood pressure as well. That's why you see alot of weight loss supplements containing caffeine to boost your metabolism.

Now, its simple math folks. If you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight. However, all those fitness drinks and…


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A Review Of The Features That The Alkaline Ionized Water Deliver

Experts say that, consuming alkaline ionized water is much more advantageous to your body as compared to consuming plain Water. The reason being your body is effective when it’s much more alkaline than acidic. Alkaline water can easily be attained in the electrolysis of regular faucet water. This technique typically needs a good ionizer.

A good ionizer is really a coffeemaker-sized electric kitchen appliance which has a number of electrodes inside. These devices may be set up near the…


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Rumors and Gossip: Damage Control, Part 2

They all complained about the daily gossip that ran rampant among them. Every one participated in it yet ironically no one could understand why they would be targeted. In the fifteen years I worked at the battered women's shelter, both staff and residents criticize those who engaged in rumors while also being the first to initiate the next juicy scandal. Any one of them could have had a successful…


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Proof of Alkaline Water Health Benefits

Alkaline water has received a lot of attention for its perceived health benefits. Some people are still unsure about whether it brings any real benefits, however. The truth is plain water isn't as healthy as alkaline water. The alkaline helps to balance out the acidity within our bodies. Here are some of the health benefits of using a water ionizer to make alkaline water in your home.


Our normal daily…


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