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Anger and Self-Pity: The Shortest Road to Misery

I've never been one to feel sorry for myself.  When bad things would happen in my life I never asked "why me?" I would, instead, inquire "why not me?" I learned early-on that bad things happen in everyone's life and I was not exempt so I developed a mindset of quiet self-resignation - I simply accepted life's misfortunes.…


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Your Two Greatest Weapons Against Anger

We all get angry. Lord knows, I've had my share of inappropriate tirades and years of pent-up anger as well. While anger is a vital part of the human experience, I'm not pleased with the times I'm blown things out of proportion, allowed others to push my buttons and elicit an unsightly response, silently seethe over things I was unhappy about, or choose unhealthy ways of trying to cope with my…


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7 Steps to Regret Free Decisions

We're all faced with making hundreds if not thousands of decisions each day. From choosing the time I get up to what I want to wear, whether I should have breakfast or not, how I'm going to spend my day, or what my attitude will look like - we make choices from morning till night that impact the quality of our life.  Some are pretty straight-forward and simple: Do I wear my blue suit or the grey…


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How Your Anger Benefits Me

Your anger can actually benefit me. That sounds a bit ludicrous, wouldn't you agree? Anger hurts the one experiencing it but how can it possibly work to my advantage? If you become angry with me, I might feel upset, disrespected, scared, or angry in return. On a deeper level those emotions can prove to be insightful and so to that extent yes, I can benefit. But is there something more that can be…


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Speak Up! Alternatives to Remaining Silent

We all get angry. It's a normal, useful, healthy emotion. It's not our anger that gets us in trouble. It's the way in which we express, or suppress, it that that exacerbates the situation.

The majority of people I've met believe that there are only two ways of handling anger: the first is with an…


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