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Anger: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

As a child I was taught that anger was a bad emotion but I've have since come to understand that there are no bad feelings. All emotions have purpose and value as they teach us about ourselves based on how we react to external events. We assign value to each depending on how people act them out. If someone feels angry and reacts by screaming or hitting someone, it is pretty well agreed upon that that's…


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10 Tips to Diffuse a Volatile Situation

We are living in a very volatile and dangerous age. Not only have issues of domestic violence, child and animal abuse, anger in the workplace and so on been more apparent, but we are definitely witnessing a rise of violence within our communities. Gangs and individual assaults seem to be taking a back seat to protests by militant groups claiming to seek justice but who in actuality are promoting and…


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Claim Your Abundance

Shortly after my Mom transitioned, she began to connect with me often telepathically.  I had many questions about her experience in Spirit, and one of them was about how she saw me now. 

Mom replied:  “Abundance is all around you…like brilliant golden light…but you must call it in.  You must claim it!” 

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” – Wayne Dyer

So how exactly do you tune in , and “claim”…


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With the exception of impersonators, most people believe that they only have one voice. That voice is used to express one's feelings and needs. It  can be vocalized either loudly or softly; it's tone can change from one of sarcasm to that of compassion; one's voice can be used to express happiness, anger, sadness, silliness, compliments or criticisms. We have our "baby" voice, (typically reserved for…


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What To Do About Annoying People?

I'd venture to say that everyone of us has had to deal with annoying people at some point in our lives. Whether it's a family member who is in everyone's business, a coworker who continually needs your assistance, the know-it-alls who always have to be right or a friend who talks incessantly, short of removing them permanently from your life or blowing up at them in an attempt to make them see the…


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