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Depression and Global Consciousness - A Very Unique Perspective

I recently read an article that described depression as "a psychological reaction to the violent deformities of the modern world." I found that statement deeply provocative and began to ponder it's meaning. "Anger turned inward" doesn't satisfy me anymore. I do not subscribe to the belief that depression is a disease nor am I of the mindset that depression, or any other health issues, are heredity (a…


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Conquering Depression: There is Hope

Regardless of how many tragedies occur in this country due to mental health issues, for many Americans there is still a stigma attached to those who suffer. Few are willing to openly address the issue. Tragedies such as Adam Lanza's mass murder of over twenty innocent elementary school children in Newtown, Ct.  stirred nation-wide outrage to curtail the purchase and ownership of weapons by ordinary…


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Pay it forward Webinar... "Publicity"

When I first started out in business I had a very low marketing budget. (Almost nothing) I wanted to provide for my beautiful family and I enjoyed meeting and networking with other driven individuals. Over the first few years I searched far and wide for tools that I could implement in order to get publicity for my business with little to no marketing budget, and after testing various strategies and avenues I found a great step-by-step process for myself that grew to a point…

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In Two Days will be the 9th month of our son Ryan Gabriel’s life.  He has officially been in the world as long as he was in your belly.  The remarkable thing is that you are giving him even more nourishment love and care than you were giving him while he grew inside your belly. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge you privately and publicly.  I believe that what you and ALL mothers do has got to be both the hardest and most rewarding thing that I have ever had…


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Healing Anger Natur-ally

Several years ago, I had a client whose nine-year old son had anger issues. His doctor diagnosed him with ADD and suggested medication to quell his angry outbursts. "What do you think?" the mother inquired of me. Not an advocate of prescription medications (with the exception of the most extreme cases), I told her honestly that if it were my child I would exhaust every natural method before…

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PROD Method of Conflict Resolution

Conflict: one of the most feared words in the English language and sadly one of the most misunderstood as well. My mission: to bring deeper awareness to this benign term, to remove all preconceived negativity associated with disagreements, and to reinstate it's position of value in our vocabulary. If anyone is prepared to undertake such a loft goal, it is I - Conflict Resolution Girl! …


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