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Keeping things in Perspective . . .and Other Pitfalls

Next week is the UM-Day — October 11, Saturday is my Ultra Marathon. Many people have wished me well and suggested I “keep it in perspective, keep it in balance.” I gave that phrase a great deal of thought and concluded that is the last thing I will do.

The fact is, I do not want this in balance nor perspective. It will be one of the Memorable Days of my life. You know the kind — the special events, the first home run, marathon, meeting your wife, birthdays, exceptional vacations… Continue

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Welcome to Gizmo's World

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The Hair-Mineral-Toxin Connection

Today's area of focus is one of the most useful but under- valued diagnostic- type tools -- Trace Mineral Analysis or Hair Analysis. If the eyes are considered the "Gateway to the Soul", then the hair is the "Gateway to the Minerals." Hair Analysis is a precise way of determining the following:

- Mineral and electrolyte levels such as calcium, magnesium, iron etc. - Trace Mineral levels such as manganese, molybdenum, boron, keys to healthy liver detoxification, skeletal health, sugar… Continue

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Universal Peace Prayer Non Denominational 30 Day Commitment to Internal and External PEACE Baby!

This is our Buddhist Fellowship Prayer that we say no matter what event we have.

We ask that you consider saying this prayer and emailing this prayer, copying and letting others know about it!

It is truly non denominational (ok maybe not spelling that right!) and a beautiful way to start your day, or start your day over..

See the Change you Wish to Be.

Do it for thirty days.. And feel your heart open and your compassion grow and hurts and pains from the past… Continue

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Drumming for Peace on the Beach this Sunday SEE the Change you Wish to BE!

Ok we are doing this informal very informal Drumming Circle at Canova Beach, Indian Harbour Beach, 7 PM this Sunday nite...

Ok I know you are busy and Sunday you just want to veg! :) I get it! Really.....

I know that we all lead such busy lives.. And sometimes it hard and even almost impossible to slow slow slow down!

Till the Universe slows us down... Thru a stubbed toe, flu, broken arm, etc... I know it happens to all of us, I can't tell you how many times I stub my toe… Continue

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Off Green

I watched a commercial the other day with Robert Redford who started off with “As it relates to Global Warming and the environment, there is no debate. . . .” Why is there no debate Bob?? There are many of us who think that global warming and the “green movement” are politically motivated fairy tales. Why not debate it?! If I am wrong, I really want to know. I owe it to my fellow citizens and the planet to alter my behavior. Recycling plastics and newspapers and buying recycled products is… Continue

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Cold and Flu: Immune Boosting Strategies

One in three Americans suffers from the common cold each year, but this year it doesn't have to be you! Fight the flu and combat your cold with these immune-boosting strategies and remedies.

Prepare for Cold Season!

The best natural protection from cold and flu is to keep your immune system going strong and to practice preventative measures. Wash your hands frequently with soap, and wash your face at least twice a day. Also, protect your upper back and neck area, because this is… Continue

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Why Heaven Isn't Where You Want to Go.

We want to be happy, want to eliminate what is bothering us, want to be free from stress and from pain and live a life filled with light.

We want to live in a state that is commonly known as heaven.

Well, my friends, that's just not good enough!

Heaven, you see, is one of the states of mind or existence we pass through on our journey. There is heaven (we've all had glimpses of that), there is hell (yep, been there), there is the human state and the animal state.… Continue

Added by Ram Giri Braun, Ph.D. on September 28, 2008 at 5:00am — 3 Comments

Apples: The Live Longer Fruit

The beginning of autumn means that we're entering apple season, which will be a time of cider, desserts, and the crisp, wholesome goodness of the fruit freshly picked from your local orchard. Apples have been a staple of healthy eating for many years, and the often-repeated line of an apple a day keeping the doctor away is far from a myth. Apples really do have a wonderful variety of nutritional benefits, and are a tasty addition to any diet of good health and longevity.

Of all of… Continue

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How To Get A Divorce The Peaceful Way - Even If Your Ex Is Not On Board!

In my 26 years as a divorce attorney, and especially the last dozen years that I have been a divorce mediator, a phrase I have heard very often when I get up on my soapbox about Peaceful Divorce is, “but you don’t know my ex!” or “it’s not possible to have a peaceful divorce in my situation”. Not so. You CAN learn how to get a divorce the peaceful way, whether your spouse or ex is on board right now or not.

Now that may not be what you want to hear because what it does is place the… Continue

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Health, Autumn & The "Flu Season"

It was our usual hot, humid summer. We consumed more water than a fish and now, finally, FINALLY, the weather has broken and Fall is upon us. Just as the trees, plants and other aspects of Nature change, so too must our bodies adjust to this new season. How we treat ourselves now will dictate how we feel in the Winter in particular. The colds or flus people get and attribute it to “it was going around” or “it is the ‘flu season’” is almost always a result of improper preparation in… Continue

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Om Mani Padme Hum Chant O Matic Free Download

Ok did this love this!

It is a free (donations are appreciated) Download (and don't worry about the windows 2000 note coming up when you download it works fine on xp) that is awesome!

You download it and then can play it in the background continuously!!!!! It is monks saying om mani padme hum. The idea is to make your puter a prayer wheel! :)

Listening to it and then turning others on to it is a way of promoting world peace!

So turn on, tune in,… Continue

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Peace and Luv to the Sea Turtles dying on the Beach in Brevard

After just jetting back from Seattle, I had to go to the beach, I love and live for the beach. Our beautiful natural resource, well one of many!

And low and behold, there were several Sea Turtle Eggs getting pulled out to sea.. And we did try to save them, but really I was told by Channel 13 News (he was standing there as we tried and rescued them, that they checked with Sea Turtle Preservation Society and the only thing you can do is to move them toward higher ground, or sand… Continue

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Coffee: Can It Keep Your Brain in Shape?

Coffee's ability to forestall mental decline has been the subject of some very interesting research lately. First, a study from France showed that women who drank three or more cups of coffee daily were 30 percent less likely to have memory problems at age 65 than women who drank a single cup of coffee or less.

The study, published in the August 7, 2007, issue of Neurology, found that the benefit of drinking coffee increased with age: memory decline among women over 80 who drank… Continue

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What Really Stands in Your Way? And How Can You Fix it?

Let's face it, our collective consciousness is running a fever. As if fear of recession wasn't enough, the threatening collapse of the banking system is really shaking us up, making us hold tight to our wallets, and secretly wishing Mommy would come and make it all better.

Of course that 'Mommy,' that being with the magical touch that can make us feel good when things are scary, is none other than us. And we can do it. All it takes is the correct knowledge of how we function and the… Continue

Added by Ram Giri Braun, Ph.D. on September 25, 2008 at 1:45pm — 5 Comments

Just got back from Rainy and Cold Seattle :)

Ok like the vibe, Buddhist friendly, kewl artisan folx and peace niks..

But the weather, well I was missing Satellite Beach after the first day! Too cold for my body! I grew up in Michigan and am very familiar with cold, but after being away for some twenty five years, I forgot what it feels like in the fall.

Cold wet rain and wind....

But the folx were nice, Family was awesome... And really a nice time had by all!

Went to Puget Sound Beach.. Where a family member has a… Continue

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True Freedom

Funny how the “right” things come to you at the “right” time. I hit a snag a few weeks ago and was caught in an internal web of irritation, frustration and a few other -tions. Some topics for me are pure poison and when I make the mistake of engaging in them, I venture down a path of very low energy. Some things bring out the best in a person. This brought out the worst.

In this midst of this internal battle, I read an exceptionally written article on Systema (not really a big… Continue

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How To Find the Motivation to Exercise

Training is essential to your mental and physical wellbeing – you know that. And with real life back in session, you are going to have to find added inspiration to manage a regular exercise regimen into your already busy schedule.

So let’s find some fall inspiration. How, even though you have been thinking about getting into better shape ‘forever’, do you finally make it happen?

1. Schedule in your workouts and let everyone who could throw off that schedule know your plan.… Continue

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The Language of Letting Go

Notes to Myself

I was speaking with my dear friend about his desire of letting go. I wanted to know what he was letting go of. All of it he said. I wanted a list. In fact, I whipped out my journal and made a list of everything I wanted to let go of. My friend replied I am letting go of the energy of all the things I am carrying. He told me I was being too analytical about it, rather than just experiencing it. Yes, that is my Aquarian nature, think, analyze, think,… Continue

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By Melissa Campbell

Zrii has led me on an amazing transformational change not just in my health but mentally and spiritually also. I have searched for relief from CFS and Fibromyalgia for the last 20 years...I am thrilled to announce that the last 4 months… Continue

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