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Just Say "No" to Drama

It seems as though one cannot make it through an entire day without drama popping up somewhere. Whether at work, in the news, or within our own homes, we are constantly surrounded with chaos and crisis. While some seem to thrive on it, others avoid it like the plague. Not all drama is harmful. Like stress, it can be an opportunity to develop problem solving skills that will also help us in other areas…


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Twisted Tongue: When Others Manipulate Your Words

Effectively communicating with others can present enough challenges without the added issue of one who twists and distorts your words. Below is a transcript of a recent conversation I had with someone (who refers to himself as a member of the black race) on facebook. He posted the controversial  chant "Black Lives Matter" in an attempt to garner support against the recent shootings of black men by…


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3 Keys To an Anger-Free Life

Have you been upset about an issue that seems to make no sense and asked yourself, "Why  did I get so angry over something that was relatively minor?" Oftentimes, our response is triggered not by the present issue but from an alternative source. Odd as it may seem, the past and future can hold the keys to why we are angry. It is the discovery of these secrets that can enable us to live an anger-free…


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Grief, Healing and Wholeness

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross  defined the five stages of grief in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying.  Grief is a deeply personal process and each individual experiences it on their own terms. Some may endure all five stages, others only a portion; some progress in a seemingly reasonable period of time, for others the process is much slower. In any case, it is important to recognize that there is no right or…


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