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True Confessions of a Reformed White Knuckler

Notes to Myself

These are the true confessions of a reformed white knuckler. I’ve had to pry my clammy little fingers off of the control I’m trying to maintain over issues that I just basically can do nothing about in the present moment. I have to come clean and take responsibility for it. Though I have been on the spiritual path for many, many years I find it much easier to stay peaceful, trusting, and balanced when things are going smoothly. In recent times things have gotten… Continue

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Social Development in Today's Technological World


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How to create your own world and miracles

Faith moves us into a “space” where we can affect the forces of Nature around us and bring about the kinds of changes in our world call miracles.

*****List your most cherish dream or demand, apply the emotion that is necessary ,use all your senses, live it, visualize it and thanks for it, because it has already happen you have created it. (Gratitude)

Have faith as faith is the truth, truth is the love and love is the way. Every creation is made through LOVE.

For more… Continue

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The GHD hair straightener is one of the most popular hair straighteners ghd around the world

Straight hair is also called power plywood, plywood popular name, is heated by direct current heating body hair or MCH or PTC heating wire transfer to the aluminum or ceramic plate heating. Straight hair, Guming Si Yi is to straighten hair, hair by heating element toplanchas ghd heat, soften, and then really cold in order to achieve the purpose of straight hair. Now straight hair, straighten both, but also pull volume. Straight hair before, the…


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The Other Protein. . . And Fat Burning

You know about Whey protein, perhaps the best source of protein available. You may not know about Casein, the other milk protein.

OK, just in case. . .

Whey protein provides the body with the necessary building blocks to produce amino acids that are used for building muscle tissue. Most researchers (and athletes) consider it the premiere source of protein.

While whey protein may increase protein synthesis to a very high degree, higher than casein, scientists are… Continue

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An Opportunities for you with a free car!

Hello, when you receive this letter, I wish you the best of health. My name is Luis; many of you may know me as Lulu. I’m sending you this as my way of supporting you, by letting you know that there are choices out there that are Green and can save you money. I have found a company that is helping me save money on over 300 hundred house hold items, all green, no chemicals!

It is a win, win situation, really! Healthier for you, you’re loved ones, and the planet. This resource is… Continue

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So many of you have been asking, and it has arrived, come in and check it out, thank you.

Hello everyone, it is me Luis, and for those of you who know me as lulu. When you receive this letter I wish you the best of health. So many of you have been asking me "when is my second book coming out? and "when can I get it? Sorry that it took me a bit long, but you guys did keep me motivated to get the project done after so much hassle from you guys, LOL,Red heart thank you.Winking smile So, I'm so very happyHot smile to say now you can get my first and second…


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Latest classes that will touch your core!

Luis Garcia, known locally as Lulu, is a brilliant and innovative . He is widely-acclaimed and revered by his clients for his extraordinary ability to lead them to discover and utilize their deepest resources of strength and power; their talent, gifts and abilities – to have a happier, fuller life in their relationships, finances, and emotional creative expression.

For the first time, Luis is taking his books into the classroom. Luis Garcia is traveling to a…


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Eulogy Writing- 9 Steps to Keep it Simple

Being asked to prepare and deliver a eulogy or funeral speech is a privilege.

However many people find the prospect entirely overwhelming for two

reasons. The first is it signifies the end of a loved one’s life. When

added to public speaking being people’s number one and most frequently

listed fear, then it is little wonder giving a eulogy is thought to be

the most difficult speech of all to prepare.

There are ways around it. You can… Continue

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