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***Freaky Monday***

***Freaky Monday***

*** Ghoulish ghost stories, horribly haunted houses, screamingly scary horror movies, gory food- body look a like's and much much more.  If you look up Halloween in any search engine you might find something like… Continue

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The Importance of Asking the Right Questions

After Suki, my teacher in doggie clothes, transitioned, my sister offered me a puppy, Nyoman. Everyone said she was a perfect match for me, and we did share an amazing connection. But I did not feel a complete “yes”. One day I was cuddling with Nyoman wrapped around the top of my head, and I began to ask if she was…


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***Writers BlocK, or shyness- which one are You ??? ***

***Writers BlocK, or shyness- which one are You ??? ***

Whether you are an author or a ghost writer, or maybe even just a blog poster- I'm sure most people suffer from what's commonly called "Writers Block". Yesterday I started to think, is it really a block or is it "fear". I specifically keep the word "fear" small…

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***Thursday Slim Pickings***

So, 5 minutes before sitting down to write my blog today, I thought to myself "what will I write about today". Funny thing is yesterday I wrote about "writer's block" whatever that is...shyness, writer's block, writer's fatigue...etc. etc. So today as I thought the above - I decided to stop and do something else. No rush, no hurry, just stop and do something else. So I got up, grabbed a marker and started to write on the dry erase board. Saw a beautiful co-worker and we striked up a…


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Occupy Wall Street statement

What follows is the first official, collective statement of the protesters

in Zuccotti Park at the OCCUPY WALL STREET demonstration:As we gather

together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not

lose sight of what brought us together. We write so that all people who feel

wronged by the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your


As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality: that the future of the

human race…


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Joy of Silence

The art of Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) has been a dramatic vehicle to assist me in living with the joy of Silence. Each stroke of the brush, from the very first strand that touches the rice paper to the very last bristle that leaves the paper, requires complete focus and concentration. The end result sometimes is a quality piece of Shodo. Sometimes not. At all times, I receive the gift of Silence.

Silence has no time aspect attached…


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Transitions: A Time of Increased Intuition and Spiritual Gifts — Part I : Deepening Communication with Plants

As we are smack in the middle of the much-prophesied “Shift of Ages” there is incredible transition as the old ways collapse and new energies and abilities emerge. Many people are choosing to leave their physical bodies at this challenging time.

While it can be extremely difficult to experience such a loss, I…


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***Simple Truths of Today***

Well, today I decided was going to be the day I started my blog again. Yes, today was the day I made the effort of finally sitting in front of the computer and just typing, because really that's what a blog is, isn't it? It's me sitting in front of the screen, (just like thousands, no millions of others) who say they will simply make the effort. I mean truly that's what life is anyway, isn't it- effort. We all strive for perfection whether it's thru a career in real estate or being the best… Continue

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No Zest for Life? Nourish the Heart

Ever meet someone who has no zip? No motivation to taste the delectable flavors that Mother Life has to offer?

Are you one of those people?

Fear not. Dust off your road bike, running shoes, paint brushes or guitar under your bed and get ready to experience life as an active participant, not a passionless observer.

The organ that is responsible for adding color and charm to life is the Heart. First some background information that you may not know about this special…


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TRANSITIONS: A Time of Increased Intuition and Spiritual Gifts PART II : Signs, Portents and Animal Messengers

The Great White Heron definitely caught my attention. After the ambulance rushed my mom to the emergency room at 3am, the next morning she was admitted. I decided to return home to shower and bring back some clothes for mom. Just as I was leaving the parking lot, the gleaming white giant flew over my car…


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Sharon arose each morning before sunrise to get her children to school on time. “Why do you give me fruit for breakfast?” complained 9 year old John. “I want Pop Tarts!” “Fruit is healthier for you,”Sharon…


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How Life Force Leaves the Body

TRANSITIONS: A Time of Increased Intuition and Spiritual Gift

PART III : How Life Force Leaves the Body

While I prefer to teach about how energy healing has been successful at restoring bodily functions (aka…


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Taking Flight: The Bliss of Freedom

As I communicate often with the spirit of those who have left their bodies, I long to share with those who are grieving and feel left behind the awesome feelings, sensations and awareness I experience from those who take flight from the body. It is not what many people may…


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Beautiful Westchester Home with Large Backyard

This is a beautiful home on a quiet tree lined street in Westchester.

Location is 10 minutes from the beach and 3 minutes from 405 frwy.

Great and easy location to get to from anywhere in the city.

Showplace Property that is Wonderful for entertaining and for families with kids.

It is a 3 bedroom 4 bath single story home that has had many many upgrades including, granite baths, corian kitchen counters, cherry cabinets and stainless steel…


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A Powerful Alignment of Healing Intentions

Thank you all for participating in the Free Healing transmission last Sunday night, on September 11th. If you weren’t able to attend, we missed you! However, you will find the stories that follow interesting!



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3 Steps to Shifting Out of Grief

Three months after my beloved Teacher in doggie form, Suki, left her body, I found myself still feeling an enormous ache in my heart whenever I thought of her. I knew enough to realize that how we feel is a choice, usually based on a belief. As a healer and dedicated spiritual practitioner for over two decades, I… Continue

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Crabby fire ants and all!!!! Entry # 2

September 27, 2011 - 9:29 am Melbourne, FL - Shannon’s House

Crabby Fire Ants and All….

Good Morning….A patch work of feelings….

Feeling a bit lost…lots of questions coming up last night and this morning. Morning readings speak of focusing on positive and loving things and this will expand in my life. Today my mind is struggling to not fall into the abyss of not so good things. What is this life all about anyway? Why am I here? What is…


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A message from Azna. Simple, easy to do and She feels it is vital timing for many of you.

 1 Supplement that MUST BE TAKEN.

 "Minerals, Oxygen and Blood Flow"

Without proper minerals the red blood cells stick together like a roll of coins.

This causes a heaviness rendering the oxygenating  of the  cells pretty

 much futile.

  Every few minutes…take an oxygen break.


Breathing deeply does more than just oxygenate your blood.

Deep breathing signals relaxation to  your entire nervous system. When you feel…


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Unknown...Uncertain....Living the Dare to Live Challenge...Love Is the Way!!! Entry #1

September 15, 2011 Thursday night - 6:14pm

Forty- Seven days ago on July 30, 2011 I made a decision that would change how my life looked or more accurately how I was to show up in my life. It was the culmination of several years of what I call “hard labor.” Deep in the tumultuous waters of hormonal life changes and a depression that even ran deeper I was doing everything I thought possible to pull myself out and through….unscathed I prayed but we never come through without some…


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