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Doorbells, Dishtowels, Ducks, And Cake Relieve Anger

Ducks, dishtowels, and doorbells: one wouldn't think they're connected to anger in any way. Cake, on  the other hand, is a no-brainer: when upset, eat some. Plain and simple. No one can be angry when  stuffing their mouths with a confectionery delight topped with butter cream icing and sugar roses. Yum! As tempting as it may sound to consume a sugary treat when angry that's actually not what I'm…


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International Coach of the Year Nominations Now Open!

International Coach of the Year Nominations Now Open!

 Olympic Athletes to Fortune 500 executives all have coaches that have helped them improve their productivity and results. Some of the world’s best coaches are rarely recognized as they are behind the scenes working to bring out the best for their client. For the past 12 years, The Coaching Institute has been instrumental in locating and…


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Why Forgiveness is Obsolete

My mother has always been an advocate of forgiveness. When I was a child she taught me early on to let go of being angry with people. If a friend hurt me she suggested that perhaps they didn't realize what they had done. If it was a family member, well, families don't hold grudges.  And as Christians, that is what we are told to do: forgive one another as God has forgiven us. Extending mercy towards…


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Silent Anger

In the late sixties, I married my high school sweetheart. He was a quiet person by nature so when we began having difficulties in our marriage and his response was one of silence I thought it was just his personality.  Little did I realize it was a manipulative technique that would eventually destroy my already fragile self-esteem.…


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Finding Joy in Your Darkest Moments

When I was fourteen, my godparents gave birth to a baby boy after twenty years of marriage. The most joyful day of their lives was shattered by the devastating news that their son had Down's Syndrome. Fifty years ago Downs was a death sentence and Robert was no exception. Three weeks later they buried their only child. I was deeply impacted by the response from my aunt, a woman of deep faith, when…


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How to Stop People From Annoying You

They're like mosquitoes on a hot summer night - those irritating and annoying people. They can be found anywhere from our families or coworkers to drivers on the roadways to complete strangers we  encounter while on vacation. Their quirky behaviors and annoying habits can ruin our day. Other than blow up, walk away, or simply endure their lack of sensitivity towards others, we're often powerless to do…


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