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Betrayal, Injustice, and Loss: Getting Beyond the Anger

One of the predominant complaints I hear from my clients is "This isn't fair!" Referring to an incident where they or someone else has suffered a perceived injustice, they feel angered that things were not equitable. There is a universal misconception that if you play by the rules you will be treated justly. If you show up at work on time each day and put in a productive…


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Fear: the Good, the Bad, and the Solutions

I've never met anyone who wasn't afraid of something. I have encountered those who claim they aren't scared of anything but upon deeper introspection, they realize that there are things in life that they worry about or that concern them.  (Both worry and concern are milder forms of fear.) There are some common fears that the general population agrees upon: losing someone…


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(Really Smart) Advice About Anger

One of my clients complained that her boyfriend had an annoying habit of constantly chewing gum. It drove her crazy! "Aside from that, he's perfect." she exclaimed. "But how do I get him to stop? He knows it bugs me yet he continues to do it. He says he's not doing anything wrong and then accuses me of nagging! Can you…


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Five Tips to Mediate a Dispute

I enjoy a good robust debate. I find it can be very stimulating and present an opportunity for me to learn something new. In every facet of life, we encounter individuals with whom we have disagreements. Recently, a woman in her forties came into my office seeking suggestions as to how she could best deal with her soon-to-be ex husband. …


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