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The Illusion of Anger

I sent out an email about my upcoming show, The Illusion of Anger, and was met with an angry response. "Anger is NOT an illusion! People die from anger!" he wrote.  I am well aware of that. However, that is not the illusion I'm speaking of. According to Webster's dictionary, anger is a feeling of displeasure or discomfort brought about by feelings of helplessness or powerlessness. Powerlessness…


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Anger: The Bigger Picture

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that was somewhat confusing, uncomfortable or perhaps even dangerous? Sometimes it's hard to understand why things happen or why we must participate in particular activities. We don't often understand why certain people enter our lives or why they leave. "Living in the moment" is a wonderful philosophy but can obstruct our ability to more fully see the bigger…


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Mediation With a Twist

We all have the opportunity to be mediators at various times in our lives. Two family members are arguing and cannot come to a resolution about the issue in dispute. We intervene and lend a helping hand. Perhaps an objective third part can offer some insights or suggestions that have alluded both parties.…


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Lose Weight Easily While Still Eating The Foods You Love With The Actual Cleanse Diet

This editorial will examine at particulars on extinguish Phase Weight loss Program. The following program appears to have been mentioned numerous major wellness magazines inside addition to on Good morning America. Notice it's worth taking a lot more detailed want popular want.

This is a big one. The bottom line -- when consumers are pressured they act impulsively. Often times you put way to much…


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Omega 3: The Natural Brain Enhancement!

What an enjoyable way to boost brain drive. Studies have shown that people a lot more engaged in work after you have watched comedy that made them crease. Comedy arouses your amagdale in your brain wich ultimately puts emotion to your work being studied. Laughing wakes down the brain and makes the person active, excited and makes the person more interesting. Laughing till setting up crying also helps…


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Exercise For That Brain Power

Quite a few individuals (especially women) think about rapid weight loss when they plan attending one impressive events like a wedding, party or any other important social gathering, and they want search nice and thinner for obvious reasons. The point is. how to make simple it happen without compromising their own health and stamina?

Since the tea possesses the…


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Do You've A Brain Booster - Important Facts You Should Know

I remember after i was a kid that many Christmases in a row I would want "brain booster" provides. I remember getting a telescope, a V-Tech computer, a 3-D castle puzzle and more. And now, even a great adult, I still enjoy getting unique "brain booster" gifts for Christmas.

Meditation is not only for yogis and Buddhist monks. Everyone can do it, anywhere. And it's really free. Here's a basic plan or…


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"WHY" This Gets Rid of Anger

It doesn't take much for some people to get angry. For others, the process takes a bit longer. There must be certain criteria present before one is willing to relinquish their serenity. For those who fly off the handle rather quickly, there is a simple one word question they can ask before choosing to become irate. The question is "Why?" Not "Why am I angry?" but rather "Why is this happening?" Let me…


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Ten Ways In Order To Consider Care Of Brain Health

Firstly, try doing things differently than you usually do. For instance, try brushing your teeth cooking with your other claws. Try showering or dressing yourself up at night. Introduce your senses to different tasting completely wrong. This will increase the functions of needs to regulate.

The benefit of food, exercise and sleep (and everything else, really) is to accomplish the…


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