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Ten years ago, my Uncle John passed away. Although in his eighty’s, it was hard on his son, Johnny. Three months later, Johnny’s only child, his beautiful fourteen year old daughter, was in a car that plunged into an icy Ohio River where she tragically drowned. Her mother, Johnny’s wife of more than twenty years, died from grief a mere eighteen months later. An…


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Virtual Launch Party- You're Invited


Kick off the  New Year and join The Wellness Studio With Ange for our Virtual Launch Party

Thursday January 5, 2012, from 8:00pm EST/  5:00pm PST!

Everyone Loves a good party so come celebrate new beginnings with us! 2012 is a year of…


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Maximizing Minimalism

A number of popular articles and books have sprung up over the past few months that feature the concept of minimalism; that is, need less, want less, be less.

I see where the minimalist advocates are going. By doing less and less you will have to choose between what’s just  mindless movement for the sake of movement, and what really matters to you, to your business and life in general. Your life has the feeling of a zen-like effortless effort, as you accomplish things while in the…


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If My Blood Tests are So Normal, Why Do I Feel So Poorly?!

How many times have you asked, “If my blood tests are so ‘normal,’ why do I feel so poorly?” . . . only to hear how its “just in your head” or “it is no problem” or other non- answers. Enter. . . Natural Blood Test Analysis (NBTA). NBTA is a cutting edge software system that allows us to analyze standard blood tests from an Optimal, Health-based perspective. Whereas standard blood tests recognize diseases, the concept of health is missing. NBTA recognizes these diseases AND introduces a new…


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I will be hosting a Virtual Launch party on Jan 5 to introduce new programs and my updated website.

I am looking for fellow wellness professionals who are interested in participating in this event by donating products, discounts for raffle prizes. 

I serve primarily women who want to "release weight." This is a big launch, and I am expecting to have alot of participation. In…


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A Free Package that we expect you may find is one of the most powerful gifts you have ever received!

A Free Package that we expect you may find is one of the most powerful gifts

you have ever received!…


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Heavy Metals

No, it is not about Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. This kind of heavy metal drastically and negatively impacts the body.

It can be argued accurately that the ingestion and containment of heavy metals in the system contributes to every or most diseases and to every degenerative problem, including joint diseases. When metals enter the system, the body in its infinite wisdom and protective nature, stores the metals in the fat tissue. Heavy metals become toxic when they are not metabolized…


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I would love your help to make my dreams come true. Please vote for me to win a 200hour yoga scholarship. . There are three ways to vote. Click on the essay link, and scroll to the bottom of the article to: 1. Click the facebook 'like' link, 2. Click the Twitter 'tweet' link, ... 3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to leave a comment for me.…

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Numerology Forecast for December 2011

In numerology, December is the 12th month, which is all about laughter and communication.  If you’ve lost touch or haven’t had much time to re-connect with friends and family, it’s the perfect time to balance the energy in your throat chakra by reaching out and getting together for some quality time.   Why not throw a fabulous party?  Send out those RSVP’s and entertain with light-hearted stories, jokes and delicious food.  Even it’s a small gathering of close friends catching up over a…


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December 2011 Starcast

The Sagittarius sun lights up the sky this December, showering our winter holidays with an atmosphere of optimism, fun and generosity.  It’s a welcome energetic shift that uplifts everyone’s moods and focuses our attention on the spirit of celebration and travel to connect with family and friends.  The Sagittarius sun, coupled with the Mercury retrograde period until mid December, turns our thoughts inward to reflect on the past year and begin dreaming of the bigger picture that lies ahead…


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Tarot Scopes for December 2011

Tarot Scopes is an energetic forecast into the 12 Sun signs through the lens of the Tarot.  Enjoy!


The Sun.  Felt like you’ve gotten beaten up by life these last few months?  Now that the Sun’s golden rays are breaking through the clouds, you’re finally going to feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.  So adopt a more…


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