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Using Emotions As Tools

Very often people query me as to whether or not anger is a bad emotion to which I reply "No." All emotions have purpose and value. None are good or bad. They simply are. It is how we utilize them, our actions, that determines their positive or negative value. Emotions are messengers that help us better understand ourselves based on how we react to certain stimuli, whether it be a comment or a…


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The Power of Mentors – 7 Strengths to Business and Life Success

Finding an individual who’ll guide you all the way to success can be among the biggest decisions of your life.

A mentor is a person whom you can look up to, somebody who’s been in the same place as you are today & knows how to find his way right to the top. A good mentor could be a person who is successful in his industry & is ready to share his experience with others. A mentor could also be a person who has experienced high and low days and wants to share his strength and…


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The A~N~Y Words and Anger

There are thousands of things that trigger our anger: aggressive drivers, rude coworkers, disrespectful children, lying politicians, high taxes, unfairness, and favoritism just to name a few. A critical statement or offensive comment can raise our ire to which we may respond with indignation. Did you know that there are also three potentially toxic words that when used incorrectly can put anyone on the…


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Create Massive Growth for Your Business Utilizing Events

Events attract audiences that, in some cases, would not typically be exposed to your product or service. Utilizing this platform for individuals to know more about your brand in a manner that will be notable and create an influx of business still eludes many owners.

Events can be an excellent way to position your brand or test your concept. You may be looking to rub elbows with leaders in a specific industry or to secure an endorsement of some kind.

If you approach an…


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Five Steps to Inner Peace

One of my favorite authors, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, once stated that "There is no way to peace. Peace is the way." This seemed rather contradictory to the common belief that a peaceful state of existence is a destination we arrive at after traversing the correct path. Wayne challenges us to view peace as a state of mind, a choice, a way of life. One who is serene makes consciously different choices in…


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Intrinsic Self Love

Meaning inherent, essential, belonging naturally, fundamental, etc. 4 friends and I did this for 2 days in late Oct. The results have been subtle and profound. Personally I am experiencing more acceptance, a sense of well being, smiling for no reason, a greater aliveness, more love for others, less fear and all around happiness. So I'm doing Intrinsic Self Love Camp, Jan 1st & 2nd. and you are invited. What better way to start the New Year. Call me if interesed 3321-639-4382

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Sarcasm, Fear, and Arrogance

Consider the following scenario: you and your neighbor engage in a political discussion. After a few moments, it becomes apparent that the two of you have serious disagreements about the upcoming presidential elections. Being equally as passionate about your positions, the debate quickly becomes heated. You, a more confident narrator, have more specific points to back up your statements. Her…


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Inspired Communication

The purpose of communication is so individuals can freely share their ideas, feelings, thoughts, and needs with one another as a means of better understanding themselves and the situation at hand. However it can present a unique set of challenges for several reasons: 1) As children we are not typically taught how to communicate - we are taught to talk, big difference. 2) Everyone has their…


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