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THE Bible for Body Maintenance.

I have just written a new book, it’s called

THE Bible for Body Maintenance.

It has only one commandment:
Listen to your Inner Guidance.

Think about it!

Love and hugs,

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As an Animal Communicator

As an animal communicator, I too often receive panicked calls from clients, whose beloved pets are in the animal hospital, invariably awaiting test results.

I received such a call from a client who had just returned from visiting her dog in the hospital. They were waiting for test results, the dog had been in the hospital for two days.

My client visited and held her dog for over an hour, she said the kennels were kept so cold she couldn’t get her dog to stop shaking.

“What should… Continue

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Good Monday Morning,

WOW ... this is exciting!

We all know that music creates a Conscious connection to your soul.

Question ~ How do I find that perfect music all day? allows you to create your own music station and streams it live through your computer ~ for free.

If you have been looking for a music station that ONLY plays all your favorites ~ now you can make it yourself!

I typed in Peter Tater and… Continue

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I apologize for all the laughter

I apologize for all the laughter at the 'Overcoming Fear workshop' today.

I know this is a serious topic and we need to be serious ~ or not!

Perhaps we just need to be enlightened. (pun intended)

I do promise more of the same though,

Saturday, March 14th from 1pm - 3:30pm

And remember to bring your questions ~ I will answer every one.

Today's questions ranged from "Will I get a full time job?" (the answer was Yes) to "Please check my… Continue

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What would it take for you and your business

to avoid costly mistakes and

gain a real competitive advantage?

You can boost your knowledge

and receive the benefit of clear direction for 2009.

As the New Year approaches

another great day is looming on the horizon,

My birthday ;) January 1st

On January 1st, my tradition is to give everyone a gift!

This year, my gift to you, is the answer to 1… Continue

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Happy ChrismaChanuKwansaKa!

Who am I?

That is my favorite question.

Answer; You are a physical expression of Divine love.

Now you have your purpose, your mission and your reason for being here.

That was easy! (Thank you Paula Clancy)


Happy ChrismaChanuKwansaka!

What gifts are you giving yourself this season?

Here are two suggestions, just for you ...

1. Collect as many hugs as you can between now and the New… Continue

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A Beautiful Sunrise

I just returned from watching the sunrise.

There is something about watching that big red ball rise from the ocean that starts my day with excitement.

Still full of sweet memories from Thanksgiving, and looking forward to Sunday's surprises.

Are you in love?

Do you need someone to love you, to create love, for you?

or can you just be in a state of love.

My gift for you today ...

be in a 'state of… Continue

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Thanksgiving Joke

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is my favorite Thanksgiving joke - what's yours?

How do you keep a turkey in suspense?

I'll tell you tomorrow!

Dear One,

May you be blessed with more than you think you deserve! and may it be delivered!

Love and hugs,

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GANO healthy coffee at 20% off, delivered!

Happy Tuesday,
Just had to share this news - GANO healthy coffee - my favorite drink after water - is now available at 20% off the retail price and mailed to your door!
For all of you that are looking for a place to buy this coffee - forget it, just have it mailed to your coffee cup.
Call or email me and let's talk coffee!
What a great holiday gift - wrapped and delivered!
Love and hugs,
Cynthia 305.389.1887

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The Money Song

You know how sometimes a tune keeps playing in your mind?

Apparently, over 153,000 viewers like this tune ...

Click on The Money Song.

Share this song with your family and friends and not-friends-right-now!

I collect and post Success Stories on my website. Click here to read some for yourself. To have your Success Story added to this page,… Continue

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Most incredible!

Seems every entry I make, is the result of catching another miracle in my life~~

How many miracles have you caught today in your life?

When I wake up in the morning I always think "Hooray, another day to play on beautiful planet Earth."

Some mornings though, I will admit my first thought is "Okay God, you brought me back here, you best have some awesome plan for me today!"

So, here I sit, writing to you about the miracle I just caught. An angel… Continue

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SusieQ paintings!

Most incredible!
I was at the Cafe of Life Wellness Center, my first time visit, a little unsure of what the surroundings might be
and Voila;
what is the first thing I see?
SusieQ paintings, greeting me with their freshness, creativity and fun spirit!
Your paintings set the tone for the evening!
Thank you SusieQ, you are always there for me.

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Food Matters

Check this out

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