In Two Days will be the 9th month of our son Ryan Gabriel’s life.  He has officially been in the world as long as he was in your belly.  The remarkable thing is that you are giving him even more nourishment love and care than you were giving him while he grew inside your belly. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge you privately and publicly.  I believe that what you and ALL mothers do has got to be both the hardest and most rewarding thing that I have ever had the opportunity to witness first hand.  I think the longest you have ever been away from Ryan in the last 9 months was 5 or 6 hours during a concert that you went to in Orlando with Makayla.  It was one of my hardest nights.  Not having the motherly instincts and tools that you have.

I cannot express in words or deeds how grateful and appreciative I am for you and what you do… 

To Recap…  In the last 9 months you have birthed a beautiful baby boy, gone through tremendous surgery and recovery, dealt with massive floods of hormones releasing and pulsing through your body, birthed a new book, spoken all over the country at business summits in front of thousands of people total, sold close to 1000 of the books, given away dozens of them, travelled with a newborn and a husband and a daughter, gone to CEO Space and taken over the entire area as a Chapter President, created webinar after webinar programs to educate and inspire new entrepreneurs to become the best most successful people they could be, brought on an amazing assistant who has booked you on Radio show after Radio Show, continued to raise love and balance two teenagers and a husband, (which I will mention over and over again because relationships are WORK and I am no exception), taken over a local monthly networking group and the list goes on and on… 

You have inspired me, loved me, given to me, and never failed to let me know how much you appreciate me all while doing and balancing and giving and working and feeding and and and……..

Earlier in the week was the 3 year anniversary of when I got down on my knees and gave you my grandmothers’ ring and asked you marry me.  I may not always show it, and I may not always have the right words, and sometimes the struggles of daily life get in the way, but this is an opportunity to express to you the JOY and Bliss and Magic that I felt then and feel every day more and more being married to YOU, My Soul Mate, My Twin Flame!!! 

How could I ever thank you enough for giving me the family that I have always wanted.  2 amazing loving smart talented teenagers poised to contribute their uniqueness and love to the world, and a beautiful miracle baby who came out of nowhere to bless our lives and this planet with his innocence and joy!


My heart can only express through words a little but a picture is worth everything.  This is how I love you, more today and every day to come.  My SUPER WOMAN< SUPER WIFE<SUPERMOM<SUPER ANGEL



P.S....  Thank you for helping me bring my smile back...  You RADIATE LIGHT and JOY!!!

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Comment by Kevin Young on August 30, 2014 at 3:18am

What an amazing summary Ari. I love it.  I probably appreciate your comments because I too have an amazing wife, but right now I'm luckier than you (at this point) because I've had the joy of mine for 41 years, but I'm sure you will catch up with time.

Appreciation of what one has provides energy for the soul (and definitely the marriage)

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