As an animal communicator, I too often receive panicked calls from clients, whose beloved pets are in the animal hospital, invariably awaiting test results.
I received such a call from a client who had just returned from visiting her dog in the hospital. They were waiting for test results, the dog had been in the hospital for two days.
My client visited and held her dog for over an hour, she said the kennels were kept so cold she couldn’t get her dog to stop shaking.
“What should I do”, she asked?
I energetically “looked” at her dog and felt such fear and misunderstanding. I couldn’t actually “see” anything wrong, physically, with the dog.
I suggested she bring the dog home, right now. She said the doctor was testing for pancreatic cancer and was waiting for the test results.
Again, I told her to bring the dog home. If the test results were positive, she could always return the dog to the hospital. If the test results were negative, as I saw, then the dog would be spared another night in the kennel at the hospital.
She called me a few hours later and said she had to fight with the doctor to get her dog home, the dog was on an IV drip because it had was dehydrated and the staff was worried about the dog’s well being.
Once the dog was home and started to relax, it was easier for me to “read” her.
I still didn’t “see” anything wrong, but there was extra heat around the dog’s bladder.
The owner told me the dog was in a diaper. She had started keeping the dog in a diaper because it would pee inside the house.
I shared this story with the dog, telepathically, and found out her side of the story!
Apparently, the dog was being left alone too long to hold it’s bladder, and because the owner became upset when the dog peed, the dog had decided to stop drinking water because then it would not have to pee as often and upset it’s owner.
Animals are so clever.
Not wanting to upset it’s owner, the dog figured out a way to work with the situation.
In so doing, the dog had become dehydrated, and couldn’t process it’s food, so everything had become backed up.
I also “saw” that it was time to take the dog off dog food and give her real food that was less processed and not laced with chemicals and by-products, as so many dog foods are.
I told the owner, the dog’s side of the story and steps were taken to provide a place for the dog during the owner’s absence and the dogs’ diet was easily adjusted.
The vet called, the next afternoon, to say all the tests were negative.
Now, when the owner cooks dinner for herself, she makes extra for the dog and they are both very happy!
The dog has returned to drinking water and happily eating it’s new food and carefully discharging on her special floor diapers.
The dog is healthy, the owner is grateful and we have another happy ending.
The moral of the story; if you are concerned about your pet, please, call an animal communicator. Communication can be done over the phone, and as you have just read, is very effective.
There are many Animal Communicators available today.
I charge $25 for an initial consultation. What does a night at the hospital cost? Not only in cash but more importantly in wear and tear on the owner ~ you!
Love and hugs,

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Comment by Paula Clancy on June 19, 2009 at 10:06pm
Wonderful story, Cynthia! I hope more people become aware of the value of this are so good at it!

Comment by Brenda Nickolaus on June 11, 2009 at 7:06am
so happy you were able to help the dog and the owner...communication is key to all relationships




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