I apologize for all the laughter at the 'Overcoming Fear workshop' today.

I know this is a serious topic and we need to be serious ~ or not!

Perhaps we just need to be enlightened. (pun intended)

I do promise more of the same though,
Saturday, March 14th from 1pm - 3:30pm

And remember to bring your questions ~ I will answer every one.

Today's questions ranged from "Will I get a full time job?" (the answer was Yes) to "Please check my thyroid" (it wasn't her thyroid, it was her heart chakra!).

See you Saturday! Call 305.389.1887 for Reservations.


While living in an abundant, loving Universe

This is a difficult time to be experiencing our world. We have negative impresses hovering around and smacking us hard on our conscious reality. The media and our acquaintances tell us not to feel safe, not to be happy and definitely that this is not the time to create an abundantly fulfilled life! There is focused energy on fear, anxiety, hopelessness and putting life on hold! The truth is these ideas are all illusion. This is, as is said in Sanskrit, "maia". We live in a world of false appearances.

We live in an abundant, loving Universe that responds to our belief in it. It is not constrained by false appearances. It wants to make us happy and fulfilled and give us all our hopes, dreams and desires. But since it is a non-judgmental Universe, that responds to our belief and demands on it, it also responds to our feelings of limitation, fears and hopelessness.

You can learn how to change your negative and false ideas in this workshop. You can create your own reality in this world, at this time. You can do this now! You don't have to wait, until things get better.You can make them better, on your own, with the cooperation of an abundant, loving Universe.

You will learn:

Why you continue to experience fear, despite your best efforts!
A simple technique for quieting your thoughts.
3 easy steps to overcome fear.
How to be in charge of your thoughts, despite current appearances of lack and limitation.
and much, much more!

Date: Saturday, March 14th

Time: from 1:00 - 3:30pm

Location: The Yoga Salutations
20 S. Federal Hwy Dania Beach, Florida

$30 Advance, $35 at the door

Reservations: 305.389.1887

Love and hugs,
email: info@CynthiaSegal.com
phone: 305.389.1887

Lastly, if any of the information within this email may help others who are struggling, please forward this workshop information to benefit them.
Let's grow together!

Sunday, March 15th
I will be speaking at
S.O.U.L. in Coral Gables, Florida
"How to be as Lucky as a 4-Leaf Clover"

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